Report Abandoned or Derelict Cars

How to report improperly stored, abandoned or derelict cars.

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Abandoned or derelict vehicles are eyesores in our neighborhoods and can create public safety hazards to our citizens.  Please report any such vehicles to the Citizens' Service Bureau.


Confirm the issue your are reporting is eligible

  • Vehicles on the street must be licensed and may not park in the same place on the street for five (5) days continuously.  Violators may be ticketed and/or towed.
  • Vehicles on the street must be operable.  Inoperable vehicles may be ticketed.  If they present a safety hazard, they may be towed.
  • Vehicles parked on private property, including vacant lots, must not be derelict or hazardous.  Hazardous vehicles may be towed.
  • Vehicles may not park in the front yard or in front of the building line in residential dwelling districts except on approved paved driveways or parking areas.

    Motor vehicles are prohibited as well from parking in the rear yard on dirt or grass. All parking surfaces must be paved with concrete or asphalt. Vehicles in violation of these rules may be cited by the Building Division as "open storage."
  • Unlicensed or unregistered vehicles. All property owners are restricted from having any unlicensed or unregistered vehicles on their property.

    In most cases, this applies to commercial property as well as residential.

    Vehicles which are strictly unlicensed or unregistered may be cited by the Building Division as "open storage.

Gather information

Make sure you're able to give a clear description of the vehicle and its location.

  • Provide location of the vehicle. Be prepared and have the address or intersection where the vehicle can be found.
  • How long has it been parked at the location?
  • Is the vehicle on the street or on private property?
  • Provide color of the vehicle.
  • If known, provide make and model.
  • If known or visible, provide the license plate number.
  • Provide condition of the vehicle - does it have flats? Body damage?


Report online by using the "Begin Online" button below or by phone:

Begin online Call 314-622-4800


 There are no fees for reporting abandoned or derelict vehicles.

What to Expect

The CSB will route your request to the appropriate responder (Treasurer's Parking Enforcement or Street Department Inspectors) depending on the condition and location of the vehicle.

If you already filed a request Check the Status of your Request

Vehicles that are illegally parked or unlicensed in the right of way will be routed to the Treasurer's office for ticketing.  Once a vehicle accumulates 4 unpaid tickets, the Treasurer's office will boot the vehicle and order it towed.

Vehicles that are abandoned (have not moved in 5 days), derelict, blocking the right of way, or present a public safety hazard will be stickered by a Street Inspector and towed if not moved/repaired within 5 days of being stickered.

Additional Information

Retrieving your towed vehicle

If your car was towed by the City, please contact the City Towing Division for information on retrieving your vehicle.


Citizens' Service Bureau

(314) 622-4800

1520 Market St. Room 4087
St. Louis, MO 63103

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (excluding City holidays)

Contact the Citizens' Service Bureau

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