Board Bill Number 105 | Session 2009-2010

Registration fee for vacant buildings


Board Bill No. 105 INTRODUCED BY ALDERWOMAN KACIE STARR TRIPLETT, ALDERMAN GREGORY CARTER ALDERWOMAN JENNIFER FLORIDA, ALDERMAN SHANE COHN, ALDERMAN ANTONIO FRENCH, ALDERMAN FRANK WILLIAMSON, ALDERMAN TERRY KENNEDY ALDERMAN STEPHEN GREGALI, ALDERMAN SAMUEL MOORE, ALDERWOMAN DIONNE FLOWERS, ALDERWOMAN DONNA BARINGER, ALDERMAN CHARLES QUINCY TROUPE An ordinance pertaining to a registration fee for vacant buildings and structures; defining ownership for the purpose of this ordinance; establishing an initial registration fee of fifty dollars ($50), a fee of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) for the second year and a fee of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) for the third and each subsequent year to be charged to the owner of any parcel of residential property improved by a residential structure, or commercial property improved by a structure containing multiple dwelling units, which is vacant and has been vacant for at least 60 days; establishing a penalty clause; requiring an authorized agent either maintain an office or live in the State of Illinois or Missouri; requiring the owner to secure and maintain the vacant building; appealing determination of a vacant building; defining vacant for the purpose of this ordinance; defining creditor for the purpose of this ordinance; requirements of a creditor for the purpose of this ordinance; deeming registration statements as prima facie proof of evidence; initial notification; use of collected funds; containing an enforcement clause and containing a severability clause.



Session: 2009-2010

Sponsor: Kacie Starr Triplett

Committee: Neighborhood Development


Charles Troupe , Dionne Flowers , Samuel L Moore , Stephen Gregali , Jennifer Florida, Donna Baringer , Terry Kennedy , Antonio D French , Shane Cohn , Frank Williamson , Gregory Carter

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  • 06/12/2009

    First Reading

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