Board Bill Number 186 Votes In Session 2021-2022

Airport Revenue Refunding Bonds

Board Bill

This Board Bill seeks to authorize the issuance of up to twenty million ($20,000,000) airport revenue refunding bonds. Proceeds from the Bonds will be used to refund and redeem the City’s outstanding Airport Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2012 (AMT) (the “Series 2012 Bonds”). The Bonds will be secured and payable solely from funds pledged under the Amended and Restated Indenture of Trust dated as of September 10, 1997, as amended and supplemented from time to time, including the revenues derived from the operation of the Airport. Based on current interest rate projections, it is anticipated that the refunding and refinancing of the Series 2012 Bonds will result in savings of approximately $1.75 million. Proceeds from the sale of the bonds will be used to : (1) refund the Series 2012 Bonds; (2) fund any required debt service reserve funds, and (3) pay for expenses associated with the issuance of such bonds, including premiums from any bond insurance or surety.

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03/04/2022 Final Passage Vote Results

This board bill was part of a consent vote along with BB 147, BB 165, BB 167, BB 172, BB 173, BB 174, BB 177, BB 186

Aye 27
No 0
Final Passage Vote
Ward Alderman Position
2 Lisa Middlebrook Aye
3 Brandon Bosley Aye
4 Dwinderlin Evans Aye
5 James Page Aye
6 Christine Ingrassia Aye
7 Jack Coatar Aye
8 Annie Rice Aye
9 Dan Guenther Aye
10 Joseph Vollmer Aye
11 Sarah Martin Aye
12 Bill Stephens Aye
13 Anne Schweitzer Aye
14 Carol Howard Aye
15 Megan E Green Aye
16 Tom Oldenburg Aye
17 Tina (Sweet-T) Pihl Aye
18 Jesse Todd Aye
19 Marlene E Davis Aye
20 Cara Spencer Aye
21 John Collins-Muhammad Aye
22 Jeffrey L Boyd Aye
23 Joseph Vaccaro Aye
24 Bret Narayan Aye
25 Shane Cohn Aye
26 Shameem Clark Hubbard Aye
27 Pamela Boyd Aye
President Lewis E Reed Aye
1 Sharon Tyus Absent

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