Resolutions In Session 2015-2016

Resolution Description and Document

Resolution data is available for the 2006-2007 session and later.

228 records
R 230
Bob Miner
R 229
Sherry Price
R 228
Officer Melissa Chavez
R 227
George Cotton
R 226
Carl Bruce
R 225
James Cotter
R 224
53rd Annual Progressive National Baptist Convention Inc.
R 223
Ida Goodwin Woolfolk
R 222
Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann
R 221
Mr. Clayton “Pops” Williams,
R 220
John (Jack) Stelzer)
R 219
Lieutenant Adrienne Bergh
R 218
Sr. Laurentia Cusack
R 217
Sr. Rosario Delaney
R 216
Keith Finnegan
R 215
Sister City of Galway as it celebrates its St. Patrick's Day Parade
R 214
Board of Aldermen hearings on examing earnings tax.
R 213
Dr. Marabeth Elaine Gentry
R 212
Ms. Mary Ann Dryden
R 211
Otis Grundy
R 210
the assessment and equalization maintenance plan
R 209
Coach Hampteen Hayes
R 208
Leo Stanley
R 207
creation of a Racial Equity and Social Justice standing committee of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen
R 206
Rynetta Moore
R 205
John M. (Jack) Lally.
R 204
The contributions of John M. (Jack) Lally.
R 202
Blue Star Memorial Marker At Cochran VA Health Care Center
R 201
Stephen Michael Murray
R 200
Retired Sergeant james H. buchanan Jr.
R 199
Al Colbert Playground at Rumbold Park
R 198
Central Baptist Church
R 197
Personnel & Administration Committee To Hold a Hearing Regarding Allegations of Criminal Conduct
R 196
Mrs. Vorece Brooks
R 195
Onyx Group and Onyx Bridal Affair
R 194
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority
R 193
46 President LLC. Enhanced Enterprise Zone
R 192
The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery
R 191
R 189
USDA Rural Development Centralized Servicing Center to service federal student loans.
R 188
Mother Edna King.
R 187
Matt the Cat
R 186
Larry Hughes
R 185
Mildred Pruitt Henderson.
R 184
Jayson Tatum
R 183
Central West End North Special Business District Budget.
R 182
Okley Clark
R 181
April Simpson.
R 180
Congressional funding for gun violence research.
R 179
Dr. Glenn Toby
R 178
Thelma Naomi Williamson.
R 177
L’Ouverture School
R 176
Washington University
R 175
St. Roch Parish
R 174
New Cote Brilliante Church of God
R 173
Grace United Methodist Church
R 172
Grace and Peace Fellowship Church
R 171
Tyler Bosley Person
R 170
John & Victoria Johnson
R 169
John P. DiLiberto, Sr
R 168
Elder Edmund Lowe, Sr.
R 167
Earl and Collette Birkicht
R 166
R 165
Appropriation of crime prevention "Prop S" program funds for the Fiscal Year 2016
R 164
Michael Albert Smith
R 163
Leandrea Lucas
R 162
Victoria Anthony
R 161
Jacqueline Irving
R 160
Herzog School
R 159
Lieutenant Colonel Pierre A. Spratt
R 158
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert McDaniel Sr.
R 157
Bernie Hayes
R 156
Sarah A. Davis
R 155
Enterprise Zone for American Trailer and Storage.
R 154
David Roche
R 153
Isaac Martel
R 152
Michael Knese
R 151
Stanley Boyd
R 150
Maudesta Gougisha
R 149
Mario Frangoulis.
R 148
Smokey Robinson
R 147
Voices for Veterans
R 146
April Henrietta White
R 145
Tom Bradley retirement
R 144
All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update
R 143
Carmelo (Mel) Desemone
R 142
LCRA Eminent Doman (NGA)
R 141
Frieda Smith
R 140
Reverend Donald Hunter
R 139
Jim Collins III.
R 138
Farragut Elementary School
R 137
Bishop Steven G. Thompson
R 136
Julie Lawson
R 135
Stacey Nicole Dabney
R 134
John Zakibe retirement
R 133
Katha Lynn McKinney.
R 132
Reverend Dr. James Brown, Sr.
R 131
R 130
R 129
R 128
R 127
B.C. Plumbers Company.
R 126
Robert Shands.
R 125
Mr. Desmond Arnez Harris, Sr.
R 124
Immigrants from the city of Buscate, Italy.
R 123
Director Michael J. Larnell,for the premier of Cronies.
R 122
Missionaries of the Holy Family religious order 120th Anniversary.
R 121
City Vehicle Policy Manual.
R 120
Louis Aloysius Francis Evans.
R 119
Dr. James M. Whittico.
R 118
Ivy Neyland-Pinkston
R 117
Support initiatives that increase funding and coordination of activities that include support for Early Childhood Education.
R 116
Olivia Martin
R 115
James “Jay” Ozier
R 114
Colunbus Edwards 90th birthday
R 113
Sharon L. Cunningham
R 112
Ordinance 69977 (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
R 111
Eileen Graf
R 110
Percy Green
R 109
Rev. Dr. Calvin Jones
R 108
Syrian Resettlement
R 107
establish social security coverage for the Airport police officer positions
R 106
R 105
Number not used this session
R 104
Vincent Smith
R 103
Thomas Moore
R 102
Thomas Gaska
R 101
Mario Montero
R 100
Licole McKinney
R 99
John Whalen
R 98
Frank Carter
R 97
Donald Champ
R 96
Delores Smith
R 95
Dorothy "Dot" Abeln
R 94
Jamla Meyette Bolden
R 93
r Dorothy "Dot" Abeln
R 92
Mrs. Verdelia Ridley
R 91
Delvion Mitchell and Anton Sykes
R 90
Delvion Mitchell and Anton Sykes for the Fresh Starts Community Garden.
R 89
R.J Crunk and the team at Mid-America Transplant Services
R 88
Rosie Willis
R 87
100th Birthday Celebration of Mrs. Bernice Fuse
R 86
Vanessa Wimbush-Gatlin
R 85
Frederick Harris, Jr.
R 84
O’Lester Wise, Sr.
R 83
David Sweeney
R 82
Chester Deanes
R 81
Cizerine Anthony-Ford, (Renie’)
R 80
Rashad Lamar Farmer
R 79
Henry Heinz
R 78
Martin Stelzer
R 77
Jacob Pecaut
R 76
Mr. Paul Charles Monahan
R 75
Sara Jean VanTreece
R 74
First Annual Page A. Lucks Charity Golf Scramble
R 73
Ronald Thomas
R 72
The Board of Aldermen strongly urge Governor Jay Nixon to veto SS#2 HCS HB722
R 71
Mokan Pre-Apprenticeship Program graduation.
R 70
St. Louis Trotters basketball team.
R 69
Hafdis A. James
R 68
Savage-Taylor Family.
R 67
applaud Pride St. Louis for their dedication to the advancement of the LGBT community.
R 66
5th Anniversary for STL-Style on Cherokee Street
R 65
Metro Parks Neighborhood Parks 2016
R 64
Neighborhood Parks Capital Improvements Account funds for the Fiscal Year 2016
R 63
North Park United Methodist Church
R 62
Àngela Winbush
R 61
Cheryl Miller
R 60
Reverend Traci Blackmon
R 59
Mary Ann Wagner
R 58
Denise C. Turner
R 57
Deborah Catchings Smith
R 56
Brenda Walker McCain
R 55
Amie Needham
R 54
Mary Harper Thomas
R 53
Marylen Mann
R 52
Hazel Mallory
R 51
Dr. Gloria Bozeman Herndon
R 50
Rebeccah L. Bennett
R 49
Dr. Tiffany Anderson
R 48
The Board of Aldermen congratulate Captain John Watson, Jr. on his retirement.
R 47
The Board of Aldermen recognize the 20th Anniversary of Trattoria Marcella.
R 46
Harmony Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Star Prince Hall Affiliated & Missouri Jurisdiction
R 45
The Board of Aldermen notes the passing of Ms. Laverne D. Holliday.
R 44
Lieutenant Colonel Alfred J. Atkins, Assistant Chief of Police
R 43
100th Fighter Squadron Mr. Christopher Warren Newman.
R 42
Ambassador, Dr. Bobby Jones.
R 41
Enterprise Zone for Conway Spruce Holdings.
R 40
Patch Neighborhood Association
R 39
Joe Thomas Davidson
R 38
Vicky Grass
R 37
Willie Dorothy Williams
R 36
Sergeant Schulte
R 35
Sergeant Anthony Caruso
R 34
Sumner Class of 1965
R 33
Williams King Jr.
R 32
Walk The Talk Weekend, May 29-June 1.
R 31
Freeman Bosley, Sr.
R 30
Florence Knight Hopson
R 29
Central Elementary School 135th Anniversary
R 28
35th Annual Older American’s Month Celebration
R 27
Maudie Bosley Neal
R 26
Marlon Bosley
R 25
Tyler Bosley Person
R 24
Prince Eugene (Gene) Bosley
R 23
Preston Robert Bosley
R 22
June Bosley Dabney
R 21
Emily Bosley Brown
R 20
Mr. Billy Hassan
R 19
special committee to convene hearings for the purpose of examining police-involved shootings
R 18
Charles "Rick" Meeks
R 17
Lt. Ronald J. Danback
R 16
Ola B. Whittier
R 15
James Malcolm Curry
R 14
Bishop Nathaniel Andrew Ellis
R 13
The Board of Alderman that all documents requested by Alderman Jeffrey L. Boyd
R 12
James L. Bell
R 11
Louise S. Thompson
R 10
Delta Day
R 9
Li Hongzhi
R 8
Ethel Jean Walker
R 7
Sergeant Larry Richards
R 6
Sergeant Steven Schmittgens
R 5
Officer of the Eighth District
R 4
that this Board of Aldermen does hereby authorize a continued payment to each Alderman and the President of the Board of Aldermen of an expense allowance in the amount of three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) and the issuance of the equivalent of two hundred (200) United States postage stamps per month of such denomination required to mail a standard first-class business letter as a periodic payment to each Alderman and directs the Comptroller and the Treasurer of the City of St. Louis to issue their respective warrants and drafts to implement the payment and issuance of said allowances as herein authorized, until further directed by this Board.
R 3
The Clerk of the Board of Aldermen be authorized and directed to prepare the index to the Journal of the Board for the 2015-2016 Session
R 2
Authorization to hire staff
R 1
Adoption of the Rules of the Board of Aldermen for the 2015-2016 Session.

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