Resolutions In Session 2016-2017

Resolution Description and Document

Resolution data is available for the 2006-2007 session and later.

220 records
R 220
Fortune Mico McGhee-King
R 219
Freeman Bosley, Sr.
R 218
The Board of Aldermen calls on the City of St. Louis to study the question of declaring itself a Sanctuary City.
R 217
Francis G. Slay
R 216
Connor's Cause
R 215
Leonard Jones
R 214
Reverend Quincy Lamonte Hamilton
R 213
Enterprise Zone for 1220 St. Charles LLC.
R 212
approves the execution of Lessor’s Consent to the Assignment and Assumption of Lease,
R 211
Vernona O. Gaines-Smith on her retirement.
R 210
R 209
Fiscal Year 2017 from the Public Safety Protection Sales Tax Fund (the Prop S Fund)
R 208
Peter Sortino
R 207
U.S. Bancorp
R 206
Gentry Trotter
R 205
Halbert Sullivan
R 204
Julio Suarez
R 203
Elizabeth Stroble
R 202
Eugene B. Redmond
R 201
Dr. Mary Rachel Gould
R 200
George Fraser
R 199
Natalie DuBose
R 198
Dr. Kelvin Adams
R 197
St. Louis Public Schools provide an annual financial report to the Housing Committee.
R 196
Tax abatement and the redevelopment agreement for the 6504 Prescott
R 195
Anthony Gandolfo
R 194
Marianne Peri-Sack
R 193
Michael Lombardo
R 192
Joseph Colagiovanni
R 191
Cav. Antonino Lombardo
R 190
Umberto Passanisi
R 189
Nina Lancia-Held
R 188
Francesco Galati
R 187
The Board of Aldermen marks the passing of Leona Jenkins.
R 186
Laura Birsinger
R 185
Kay E. Gage the 52nd President of the Gamma Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.
R 184
passing of Daryl Darnell Murphy.
R 183
Captain Dennis G. Pogue on his retirement.
R 182
Eagle Scout Alexander Francis Meyer.
R 181
congratulate Eagle Scout Marcus Williams Stanze.
R 180
Eagle Scout Jared Christopher Quinlan.
R 179
passing of Mr. Darren “King” Seals.
R 178
The Board of Aldermen congratulates Alderwoman Donna Baringer
R 177
Girl Scout Troop 223 on its building a “Buddy Bench” for students at GatewayScience Academy.
R 176
Deborah M. Calloni on her retirement
R 175
Intent to establish a Special Business District to be known as the North Central Special Business District.
R 174
The Board of Aldermen notes the passing of Mary LaVern Brown.
R 173
The Board of Aldermen notes the passing of Maxine Stark.
R 172
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority on the 90th Anniversary of its St. Louis Chapter.
R 171
The Board of Aldermen recognize the service of Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce and congratulate her on her retirement.
R 170
The Board of Aldermen approve the 2017DeBaliviere Place Special Business District Budget.
R 169
The Board of Aldermen approve the 2017 Washington Place Special Business District Budget.
R 168
The Board of Aldermen approve the 2017 Central West End North Special Business District Budget.
R 167
The Board of Aldermen approve the 2017 Westminster-Lake Special Business District Budget.
R 166
Central West End Southeast Special Business District Budget.
R 165
Central West End South Special Business District Budget.
R 164
Dan Skillman on his retirement.
R 163
Bishop Terence E. Coleman on the occasion of his 60th birthday.
R 162
The Board of Aldermen notes the passing of Pearlie Ingram Evans.
R 161
Union Memorial United Methodist Church on their 170th Anniversary Worship Service.
R 160
Omega Psi Phi on its 105th Anniversary.
R 159
Kevin Dwayne Gilliard on the occasion of his 60th Birthday.
R 158
50th Anniversary of the Tower Grove East Neighborhood Association.
R 157
Ms. Kimberly Steward.
R 156
Annette Bridges on her retirement.
R 155
Sheriff James W. Murphy on his retirement.
R 154
AARP Chapter #321 on the occasion of their 52nd Anniversary.
R 153
Mr. Rio Vitale.
R 152
Bishop James William Hunt, Sr.
R 151
Jamison Memorial CME Church
R 150
Alvery Williams.
R 149
Sgt. 1st Class Shurwin A. Julien
R 148
Locust Central Business District’s annual budget.
R 147
Papisco Kudzi Republic of Togo
R 146
LeRoy Grant, Jr.
R 145
Delester and Betty Jefferson
R 144
2017 Baden Market Centre Special Business District
R 143
Ecumenical Leadership Council of Mo—St. Louis Chapter
R 142
Rev. Dr. Jimmy Lee Brown
R 141
Mr. Ron Bozikis.
R 140
St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church.
R 139
Intergovernmental Affairs Committee to investigate the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Authority.
R 138
Honorable Judge Donald McCullin.
R 137
June Rideout
R 136
National Case Management Week.
R 135
Enterprise Zone for Collective Real Estate, LLC.
R 134
Pastor Miki Merritt and Dr. Carol F. Merritt.
R 133
D. Samuel Dotson to resign
R 132
Maribeth McMahon
R 131
Brother Zack Campbell
R 130
Teamsters Local 688
R 129
UFCW 655
R 128
Hispanic Heritage Month.
R 127
Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis.
R 126
Sista Strut
R 125
Muslim Solidarity Resolution 2016.
R 124
police dash-cam video
R 123
Stacie Lee Belew
R 122
Oliver and Thelma Carter
R 121
Associated General Contractors of Missouri’s Construction Training School
R 120
Muslim Solidarity Resolution of 2016.
R 119
Darren LaShawn Seals, Jr.
R 118
Dr. Sammie Jones and Lady Sandra Jones
R 117
Thomas Jerry Moore
R 116
Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council
R 115
Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church
R 114
Rev. Robert C. Scott
R 113
Laclede Cab Company
R 112
Cleveland High School
R 111
Enhanced Enterprise Zone for Midwest Consultants Company.
R 110
Bishop Debora A. Morris
R 109
150th anniversary of the Fratellanza Society
R 108
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Missouri
R 107
Bishop Charlie Green, Jr.
R 106
Dakota Access Pipeline and we call on all residents of the City
R 105
UniverSoul Circus
R 104
Ms. Betty Ann Konersman Tighe
R 103
Mr. Kevin James Gordon
R 102
Ms. Dorothy Barnes
R 101
Ms. Sadie Parson
R 100
Living Legend Ms. Bobbie Dolores Gotiear
R 99
St. John Missionary Baptist Church Outreach Ministry, St. John House of Hope
R 98
Thomas C. Person
R 97
Consul Giuseppe
R 96
Major General Cassie Strom (Ret.)
R 95
Loura Gilbert
R 94
Gwendolyn DeVoe
R 93
Farrell W. Chatwell
R 92
The Second Annual Thousand Women March and Community Fair
R 91
Curtis Davis
R 90
Kingdom Destiny Fellowship International and its founder, Bishop D. Demond Robinson
R 89
Lt. Edward Harper
R 88
Ms. Charlie Mae James
R 87
Mr Fred and Sarah Jones
R 86
Subpoena power concerning the granting permits to build and operate a gas station
R 85
Biophilic Cities Network
R 84
the 100th Anniversary of the Freeman Family migration to St. Louis.
R 83
Rosalie Garavaglia LaGates on her retirement.
R 82
Fr, James Werth (St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church)
R 81
Rev. Rodney Francis
R 80
Byron Seymour
R 79
Mr. Orville Kirk Sr.
R 78
Evelyn Hare
R 77
Lt. Colonel Lonneal Richardson
R 76
Zy’Ron Wade.
R 75
Pride St. Louis
R 74
Governor Jay Nixon to veto Senate Bill 656.
R 73
Elaine Harris Spearman
R 72
Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center Auxiliary on this 65th Anniversary “Sapphire Gala”
R 71
Mrs. Jeanne Gore
R 70
NeishaThurman and Dutchess Brand as heroes.
R 69
Brenda Clayton Davis
R 68
Michelle Tucker
R 67
Kathy Walker
R 66
Tonja Sesley-Baymon
R 65
Marsha Rusnack
R 64
Linda Harris
R 63
Stacy M. Edwards
R 62
Cheryl Jones
R 61
Spradley Dunn
R 60
Jamala Rogers
R 59
Judy Bentley
R 58
Sharon Price
R 57
Melba Moore
R 56
Mary Wilson
R 55
Rock The Community and The Social Newspaper
R 54
Muhammad Ali
R 53
Homer G. Phillips School of Nursing Class of 1966
R 52
Police Sergeant Michael J. Regan
R 51
STC Warehouse Inc. Enhanced Enterprise Zone
R 50
Italgrani Elevator Co. Enhanced Enterprise Zone
R 49
Enterprise Zone for 5051 Southwest LLC
R 48
June Anderson Mullen
R 47
Robert T. Smith “Piano Slim”
R 46
James (S.L.I.M.) Cunningham.
R 45
Italian Republic
R 44
Heat Up St Louis
R 43
Womens and social justice issues
R 42
Josephine Fletcher-Agee
R 41
Biddle House
R 40
36th Annual Older American's Month.
R 39
Innovative Concept Academy
R 38
Eva Rose Magnotti-McNamee
R 37
William Wirtel
R 36
Neighborhood Parks Capital Improvements Account Ord. 67477. The Parks Committee Approved this resolution. No action by the full Board was necessary.
R 35
Neighborhood Parks Capital Improvements Account Ord. 69372. The Parks Committee Approved this resolution. No action by the full Board was necessary.
R 34
Neighborhood Parks Capital Improvements Account Ord. 64994. The Parks Committee Approved this resolution. No action by the full Board was necessary.
R 33
Tower Grove Baptist Church on its 125 years.
R 32
Breath of Life Christian Fellowship Church
R 31
Reverend Leo J. Spezia
R 30
the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters.
R 29
passing of Adonix Reddick.
R 28
passing of Frank Williamson, Sr.
R 27
Rusty Watson
R 26
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.
R 25
Neighborhood Leadership Academy Class of 2015
R 24
Neighborhood Leadership Academy Class of 2014
R 23
Charles Quincy Troupe
R 22
President's Supreme Court nominee
R 21
Earnings Tax
R 20
Claudio Petrone National Team of Student Robotics.
R 19
Michelee Affinito National Team of Student Robotics.
R 18
Luigi Ferraiuolol Italian National Team of Student Robotics
R 17
Italian National Team of Student Robotics
R 16
Joshua Temple.
R 15
Worlds Fare Festival
R 14
Enterprise Zone for Guarantee Electrical Company.
R 13
Bishop Elect Floyd Williams, Jr
R 12
Dr. Nancy Phillips
R 11
Tower Grove South Concerned Citizens Business District Budget. The resolution was not adopted.
R 10
Ernest and Marie Bailey
R 9
Samuel J. Rachas
R 8
Officer Corey Zinkl
R 7
Walter Hampton
R 6
William Hampton
R 5
Land & Water Conservation Fund
R 4
Expense allowance in the amount of Three Hundred Fifty Dollars
R 3
Journal of the Board for the 2016-2017
R 2
Ordinance to hire staff for the 2016-2017 Session
R 1
Rules of the Board 2016-2017

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