Comptroller's Office Audits Management

Audits Management Documents of the Comptroller's Office.

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Expenditure Review - Parks Division Professional Services
Revenue Review - Building Permits
Grant Monitoring - The T-Community Violence Intervention
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Gateway Housing First
Contract Review - Murphy Company
Contract Review - Aschinger Electric Company
Grant Monitoring - Geocko (Sub-recipient)
Expenditure Review - The Equipment Services Division
Expenditure Review - Travel Out of Town
Special Review - City Emergency Management Agency (CEMA)
Cash Count - January 2024
Revenue Review - Land Tax Sale #219
Revenue Review - Land Tax Sale #218
Fiscal Programmatic Monitoring-Dept of Human Services
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Blumeyer Associates III-Renaissance Place At Grand 2
Cash Count - Monthly - Office of the Treasurer
Monthly Cash Count - Office of the Treasurer
Revenue Review - Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department
Revenue Review - Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Revenue Review - Department of Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Fiscal Monitoring - Adam's Grove, LP
Monthly Cash Count - Treasurer's Office
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Adams Grove, L.P.
Cash Count - September 2023
Cash Count - August 2023
Cash Count - July 2023
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Rebuilding Together
Contract Review - The Division of Forestry
Contract Review - The Forestry Division
Contract Review - Forestry Division
Expenditure Review - Water Division
Expenditure Review - Equipment Services Division
2022-SP06 - Department of Human Services - Management Responses Part 2
2022-SP06 - Department of Human Services - Management Responses Part 1
Special Review - Department of Human Services
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Commission of Affordable Housing
Contract Review - The St. Louis Lambert International Airport
Fiscal Monitoring Review - The Commission of Affordable Housing
Revenue Review - The Office of the License Collector
Revenue Review - Licence Collector's Off.
revenue review - the license collector's office
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Affordable Housing Commission 2023
Contract Review - St. Louis Lambert International Airport
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Affordable Housing Commission
Contract Review - St. Louis Area Agency on Aging
Cash Count - Treasurer's
cash count - The office of the treasurer
Contract Review - Department of Human Services
Expenditure Review - Health Department
Fiscal Monitoring - Affordable Housing Commission
Contract Review - Human Services Department
Contract Review - St. Louis Lambert Airport
Payroll Distribution Review - Gateway Transportation Center
Contract Review - Parks, Forestry, & Recreation Department
Contract Review - JPAM Care and Rehabilitation Center, Inc
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Finney Place, LP
Fiscal Monitoring Review-Haven of Grace
Contract Review - Gerstner Electric, Inc.
Fiscal Monitoring Review-Cupples Residential 1, LLC
Cash Count - Treasurer's Department
Cash Count - Treasurer
Payroll Distribution Review - Recreation Department
Expenditure Review - Forestry Division
Revenue Review - Communications Division
City Contract Review - Department of Health / DOH
Monthly Treasury Cash Count - Office of the Treasurer
Monthly Treasury Cash Count - Treasurer's Office
Payroll Distribution Review - Animal Care & Control
Expenditure Review - Dept. of Human Services
Special Review - Comptroller Office
Payroll Distribution - Civil Rights Enforcement Agency
Payroll Distribution Review - Civil Rights Enforcement Agency (CREA)
Fiscal Monitoring - Interfaith Residence
Contract Review - Department of Health (DOH)
Expenditure Review - Department of Human Services (DHS)
Payroll Distribution Review - Facilities Management
Monthly Cash Count Review - City Treasurer's Office
Expenditure Review - Department of Health
Fiscal Monitoing Review (AHC) - DeSales Community Development
Payroll Distribution Review - Probation and Juvenile Detention
City Contract Review - Department of Health
Payroll Distribution Review - Board of Aldermen
Fixed Asset Review - Recorder of Deeds
Treasury Monthly Cash Count - Office of the Treasurer
Contract Review - Department of Health
Revenue Review - Comptroller's Office
Revenue Review - Street Department -Traffic & Lighting Div.
Fiscal monitoring Review - Interfaith Residence DBA Doorways
Treasury Cash Count- Office of the Treasurer
Expenditure Review - Building Division
Revenue Review - Sheriff Department
Budget Division - Fixed Asset Review
Payroll Distribution - Municipal Garage
Office of the Treasurer - Treasury Cash Count
Payroll Distribution Review - Office of the Mayor
Revenue Review - Sheriff's Office
Treasury Monthly Cash Count-Treasurer's Office
Treasury Cash Count Review - Office of the Treasurer
Airport Contract Review-Raiser, LLC (Uber)
Airport Contract Review - Lyft, LLC
Airport Contract Review-WSP USA, Incorporated
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Dick Gregory & Associates L.P.
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Center for Women in Transition
Fiscal Monitoring Review -Center for Women in Transition (CWIT)
Revenue Review-Excise Division
Payroll Distribution Review - Street Division
Fixed Asset Review - Water Division
Expenditure Review - Board of Elections & Registration
Cash Count Review - Office of the City Treasurer
Revenue Review (COI)- Building Division
Revenue Review: Office of the Sheriff
Payroll Distribution Review - Equipment Services Division
Special Review- Street Department
Payroll Distribution Review - Supply Commissioner
Office of the Treasurer Cash Count Review
Fiscal Monitoring Review - St. Patrick Center
Special Review -St. Louis Fire Department Headquarters
Payroll Distribution Review - Refuse Division
Treasurer's Office - Cash Count Review
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Gateway 180
Payroll Distribution Review - Fire Department
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Better Family Life, Inc.
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Horizon North Housing, Inc.
Fixed Asset Review - Communications Division
Fixed Asset Review - ITSA
Cash Count Review - Office of the Treasurer
Cash Count Review- Treasurer's Office
Fixed Asset Review - Records Retention
Special Review - Parks Department
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Cochran Redevelopment Partners, I LP
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Cochran Redevelopment Partners Phase I LP
Revenue Review - St. Louis Lambert Int'l Airport
Payroll Distribution Review - Medical Examiner
Cash Count - Office of the Treasurer
payroll distribution review-Public administrator
Revenue Review-Sheriff's Department Land Tax Sales
Payroll Distribution Review-Auto Towing and Storage Division
Fiscal Monitoring Review (AHC)--Places for People
Cash Count Observation--Treasurer's Office
AHC-Fiscal Monitoring Review-Community Women Against Hardship
AHC-Fiscal Monitoring Review-Bluemeyer Associates II, LP
Payroll Distribution Review-City Courts
Payroll Distribution Review-Recreation Division
Airport Contract Review-Vanderlande Industries Incorporated
Airport Contract Review-St. Louis Lambert Int'l Airport
Payroll Distribution-Board of Election Commissioners
Fixed Asset Review-Equipment Services Division-ESD
Cash Count-Treasurer's Office
AHC Fiscal Monitoring Review-Almost Home, Inc
Payroll Distribution-Health Department
Airport Contract Review-Concession Agreement #AL 276
Airport Contract Review-Concession Agreement-#AL 415
Payroll Distribution-Police Department-City Marshals
Revenue Review-Sheriff's Department
Revenue Review-Airport Rate Mitigation Proceeds
Cash Count-Treasurer's Offfice
Cash Count-Treasurer's Office
Revenue Review - Fire Department EMS Medicaid, Medicare and Insurance - project 2022-RR2125
Contract Review - STL Lambert Intl Airport Concrete Strategies - 2019-APC06
Board of Public Service Contract Review Mechanical Solutions - 2022-CN2105
City Justice Center Payroll Distribution Review March 5, 2021 - 2021-PD06
cash count - treasurers office - august 2021 - project 2022-cc02
Cash Count - Treasurers Office July 2021 - 2022-CC01
Follow-up Revenue Review - Board of Public Service Equipment Services Division - 2021-RR01
Expenditure Review - BPS Facilities Management 2021-ER02
Payroll Distribution - Communicable Disease May 31, 2021 - project 2021-PD11
Revenue Review - Port Authority Division - 2020-RR13
payroll distribution - Circuit Court (General) June 2021 - 2021-PD12
Revenue Review - Parks, Recreation & Forestry - 2021-RR20
Expenditure Review - Community Development Administration - 2021-ER10
Cash Count - Treasurers Office - 2021-CC12
Revenue Review - Sheriffs Dept Garnishment Fees - 2021-RR15
Airport Contract Review - Abbott Ambulance Inc - project 2019-APC07
Revenue Review - Soulard Market - 2021-RR10
Contract compliance review - st louis lambert intl airport - 2019-APC04
cash count - treasurers office - May 2021 - 2021-cc11
Fixed Asset Review Gateway Transportation Center - 2021-FA05
Revenue Review - Department of Public Safety - Half Cent Sales Tax - 2021-RR03
Contract Compliance Review - St Louis Area on Aging 2021-CN01
payroll distribution review - Airport Commission April 2021 - 2021-PD05
Special Project Inventory Management Fire Department EMS Store 2020-SP04
Cash count - treasurers office - 2021-CC10
Revenue Review - Recorder of Deeds - 2021-RR06
Revenue Review - Refuse Division Collection Fees - 2021-RR02
Payroll Distribution Neighborhood Stabilization - 2021-PD10
Expenditure Review - Medical Examiner - 2021-ER13
Expenditure Review - Planning and Urban Design Project 2021-ER03
Payroll Distribution - Board of Election - September 14, 2019 - Project 2020-PD04
Contract Compliance - Comptrollers Office Gateway Transportation-MGI Services Project 2020-CN08
Expenditure Review - Community Development Administration - 2020-ER02
Cash Count - Treasurers Office - March 21 - 2021-CC09
Special Review - Water Division - Securitas Security Contract Living Wage Compliance 2021-SP03
Special Review - Auto Towing and Storage Division 2021-SP01
Payroll Distribution - Auto Towing and Storage Division - Jan 30, 2021 - 2021-PD13
Payroll Distribution - Traffic and Lighting - Jan 7, 2021 - 2021-PD09
Payroll Distribution Review - Treasurers Office November 15 2018 - Project 2019-PD05
Contract Compliance Review - Kozeny-Wagner Forest Park Improvements - Project 2019-CN03
Expenditure Review - Traffic and Lighting Division - Project 2019-ER08
Expenditure Review - City Counselors Office - Project 2019-ER07
Expenditure Review - City Justice Center - Project 2019-ER05
Expenditure Review - Street Dept Sewer Lateral Repair - Project 2019-ER04
Expenditure Review - Forestry Division - Weed Control and Maintenance - Project 2019-ER09
Revenue Review - License Collectors Office - Restaurant Tax - Project 2021-RR09
Revenue Review - Dept of Forestry - Weed Cutting and Rental Prop Project 2021-RR11
Fixed Asset Review Budget Division Project 2021-FA06
Cash Count - Treasurers Office - 2021-CC08
Expenditure Review - Equipment Services Division - 2021-ER05
Contract Compliance Review - C&R Mechanical Project 2021-CN02
Revenue Review - Gateway Transportation Center - 2021-RR21
Expenditure Review - Gateway Transportation Center - Project 2021-ER14
Cash Count - Treasurers Office - 2021-CC07
Fixed Asset Review Municipal Garage - 2021-FA04
Cash Count - Treasurers Office - 2021-CC06
Revenue Review - Sheriffs Dept Delinquent Land Tax Sale 205 - 2021-RR14
Fixed Asset Review Medium Security Institution (MSI) - 2021-FA03
Revenue Review - Sheriffs Dept Land Tax Sale 204 - 2021-RR19
Fixed Asset Review Fire Department-EMS Project 2021-FA02
Special Review - Treasurers Office Garage Events Parking Cash Sale Spot Review Project 2020-SP02
Payroll Distribution Review - Recorder of Deeds - Project 2021-PD08
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Criminal Justice Ministry - 2020-AHC10
Revenue Review - Dept of Public Safety Building Division - 2020-RR06
Airport Contract Review - Security Guard Services - Project 2019-APC02
Cash Count - Treasurers Office - 2021-CC05
Cash Count - Treasurers Office - 2021-CC03
Contract Compliance Review - BPS-RJP Electric - 2020-CN01
Payroll Distribution Review - Affordable Housing Commission - 2021-PD07
Cash Count - Treasurers Office 2021-CC04
AHC - Missouri Energy Care Fiscal Monitoring Review - Project 2020-AHC09
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Kossuth Elderly Apartments 2020-AHC02
Comptroller Office Records Retention Payroll Distribution Review - 2021-PD03
Probation and Juvenile Detention Center - Expenditure Review - 2020-ER11
AHC - Fourteenth Street Mall - Fiscal Monitoring Review - Project 2020-AHC01
AHC - Guardian Angel Settlement Project 2020-AHC08
Payroll Distribution Review - Assessors Office
Mayors Office Follow-Up Fixed Asset Review
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Cardinal Ritter Senior Services
St Marthas Hall Emergency Shelter - Fiscal Monitoring Review 2020-AHC06
Our Ladys Inn - Fiscal Monitoring Review - AHC05
Harambee Youth Training Corp - Fiscal Monitoring Review
Payroll Distribution - Community Development Administration
Contractual Electric Review - Street Department - Traffic and Lighting
Expenditure Review - Fire Department - 2020-ER06
Expenditure Review Department Public Safety Fire Department
Cash Count - Treasurers Office - August 14 2020
Payroll Distribution - SLATE - 2021-PD01
Expenditure Review - Parks Department
Board of Public Service - Contract Compliance Review - September 2020
Fiscal Monitoring Review - September 2020
Treasurer's Office: Cash Count 2021-CC01
Fixed Asset - January 2020
Expenditure Review- Building Commissioner
Fixed Asset - 2020-FA07
Revenue Review - July 2018 - March 2019
Payroll Distribution - January 2020
Payroll Distribution - February 2020
Fixed Asset Review - June 2020
Fixed Asset Review - January 2020
Contract Compliance Review - 4-1-2017 - 3-31-2019
Delinquent Land Tax Sales - January 2020
Contract Compliance Review - 3-1-18 - 6-30-19
Cash Count - February 2020
Cash Count - January 2020
Cash Count - November 2019
Cash Count - December 2019
Special Review - July 2019
Contract Review - November 2019
Special Fiscal Review - 2020
Revenue Review - July 2019
Revenue Review - August 2019
Payroll Distribution - October 2019
Payroll Distribution - September 2019
Payroll Distribution - August 2019
Payroll Distribution - July 25-2019
Inventory Review - August 2019
Fixed Asset Review - October 2019
Fixed Asset Review - 2019 August
Fixed Asset Review - July 2019
Fixed Asset Review - August 2019
Cash Count - September 25-2019
Cash Count - August 2019
Cash Count - September 2019
Payroll Distribution - 2019 July
Payroll Distribution - July 2019
Payroll Distribution - May 2019
Contract Compliance Review - 10-24-16 - 11-27-17
Cash Count - May 2019
Cash Count - April 2019
Expenditure Review 19ER02
Expenditure Review 19ER07
Contract Compliance Review 2019CN02
Expenditure Review 2020ER03
Special Review - Alarm Registration and False Alarm Management
Revenue Review - 2019-RR04
Cash Count February 2019-CC09
Revenue Review - 2019-RR05
Expenditure Review 2019ER03
Contract Compliance Review - N B West Contracting Co
Contract Follow-Up Review - Water Division
Fixed Asset Review - Board of Public Service
process review - Comptrollers Office credit card usage
Payroll Distribution - February 2019
Payroll Distribution - April 2019
WSP USA Inc - Civil Structural Surveying and Geotechnical Services
Payroll Distribution-Neighborhood Stabilization Team
Cash Count - February 2019
Cash Count-January 2019
Service Agreement Review 68157
Professional Service Agreement Review
Tetra Tech Inc - Environmental Investigation and Remediation
Cash Count - December 2018
Cash Count -November 2018
Fixed Asset Review Parks Recreation Forestry Director Office
Fixed Asset Review - Building Division - Commissioner Office
Jackson Building Group - Tower Grove Park Improvements
Government and Wells Drive Streetscape Improvements
Vanderlande Industries Ticket Counter Baggage Conveyors Installation Terminal 1
Department of Parks Recreation and Forestry
Cash Count - October 2018
Payroll Distribution - Department of Public Safety Director
Fixed Asset review - Department of Personnel
Revenue Revenue - Auto Towing and Storage
Cash Count - September 2018
Fixed Asset Review Follow Up - Saint Louis Medical Examiner
Fixed Asset Review - Planning and Urban Design Agency
Fixed Asset Review - Multigraph
Contract Review - Terminal 1 Structure Repair
Special Contract Review - Auto Towing and Storage Division
Expenditure Review - Information Technology Services Agency
Contract Review - Taxiway Reconstruction
Payroll Distribution - October 2018
Fixed Asset Review - Information Technology Services
Payroll Distribution - September 2018
Xerox Printer Maintenance Agreement
Fixed Asset Review - Budget Division
Fixed Asset Review - Law Department
Fixed Asset Review - Sheriff Office
Expenditure Review - Civil Rights Enforcement Agency
Delinquent Land Tax Sales Review - Office of the Sheriff
Follow Up Review - Comptrollers Office
Cash Count - August 2018
Payroll Distribution - August 2018
Fixed Asset Review Follow Up - SLATE
Cash Count - July 2018
Payroll Distribution - July 2018
Indirect Cost Rates Review
Cash Count - June 2018
Payroll Distribution - May 2018
Follow Up Review - Gateway Transportation
Revenue Review - Municipal Garage
Fixed Asset Review - Registers Office
Process Review Department of Health
Follow-Up Review
Follow-Up Special Review
Payroll Distribution - June 2018
Cash Count - April 2018
Payroll Distribution - March 2018
Fixed Asset Review - Department of Public Safety
Cash Count - March 2018
Fixed Asset Review - City Emergency Management Agency
Payroll Distribution - April 2018
Payroll Distribution - October 2017
City Justice Center Security Upgrades
Payroll Distribution - February 2018
Cash Count - February 2018
Expenditure Review - Board of Election Commissioners
Payroll Distribution - November 2017
Payroll Distribution - December 2017-1
Payroll Distribution - January 2018
Airport Checked Baggage Inspection Systems
Inmate Health Care Delivery System
Energy Efficient Roadway Lighting Upgrades
Cash Count - December 2017
Cash Count - January 2018
Port Authority Expenditure Review Follow-Up
Revenue Review - Cable Television Franchise Fees
Traffic and Lighting Division Fixed Asset Follow-Up Review
Process Review - Credit Card Usage
Follow-Up Review - Revenue Review Report-2014-RRV08
Payroll Distribution - May 2017
Cash Count - November 2017
Fixed Asset Review - Department of Human Services 06
Kingshighway Bridge Reconstruction
Fixed Asset Review - Board of Election
Fixed Asset Review - Board of Aldermen 2018FA02
Cash Count - October 2017
Payroll Distribution - July 2017
Cash Count - September 2017
Airport Properties Division Payroll Process Review
Follow-Up Review - Recorder of Deeds - 2018-FL02
On-Airport Passenger Vehicle Rental Concession Agreement Review
Payroll Distribution - September 2017
Fixed Asset Review - Fire Department
Fixed Asset Review - Neighborhood Stabilization Program
Cash Count - August 2017
Payroll Distribution - August 2017
Fixed Asset Review - Animal Care and Control
Revenue Review - Sheriffs Delinquent Land Sales
Haier Plumbing and Heating Inc
Special Review - Sheriff Department Payroll
Revenue Review - Delinquent Land Tax Sales
Fixed Asset Review - April 2017
Cash Count - July 2017
CBIS General Building Renovations - Terminal 1 and 2
Expenditure Review - City Wide Accounts
Fixed Asset Review - January 2017
Expenditure Review - Capital Improvement Funds
Payroll Distribution - June 2017
Fixed Asset Review - February 2017
Cash Count - May 2017
Payroll Distribution - April 217
Special Review - Cashiers Cage Operations
Cinderella Building LLC - Commercial Lease
Revenue Review - Building Permits and Demolition
Cash Count - April 2017
Cash Count -March 2017
St Louis Metropolitan Police Dept - Overtime Pay Review
Cash Count - February 2017
Cash Count - January 2017
Fixed Asset Review - September 2016
Crawford Murphy and Tilly - Airfield Design
Water Billings Review
Payroll Distribution - March 2017
Payroll Distribution - January 2017
Payroll Distribution - December 2017
Tax Delinquent Sales October 11 2016 through October 13 2016
Revenue Review - Local Sales Tax Revenue
Public Safety Sales Tax Revenue
Special Request - Individual Personal Property Tax
HG-St. Louis News Gift Retail Concession Agreement
Kozeny Wagner - Airport Terminal 1 Roof Replacement
Cash Count - December 2016
Fixed Asset Review - August 2016
Cash Count - November 2016CC05
Revenue Review - Sales Tax
Prisoner Transportation Procedures
Special Request - Follow-Up Review
Cash Count - October 2016
Title Fee Deposits Reconciliation
Expenditure Review - Facility & Grounds
Fixed Asset Review - July 2016
Payroll Distribution - October 2016
Cash Count - September 2016
Payroll Distribution - August 2016
Payroll Distribution - September 2016
Budget Rent A Car Extended Review
Procurement Process Review
Cash Count - August 2016
Cash Count - July 2016
Cash Count - May 2016
Cash Count - June 2106
Budget Rent A Car AL#073
Revenue Review - Parking Garage and Lots Collections
Payroll Distribution - April 2016
Fixed Asset Review - Municipal Garage
Fixed Asset Review - Equipment Services Division
Fixed Asset Review 16FA07
Revenue Review - Garnishment and Release Fees
Fixed Asset Review FA08
Cash Count - April 2016
Payroll Distribution - May 2016
Cash Count - March 2016
Fixed Asset Review-Forestry Division
Follow-Up review - Franchise Fees
Follow-Up Review FL05
Follow-Up Review - Air Pollution Revenue
Follow-Up Review - Building Division Revenue
Cash Count - February 2016
Expenditure Review ER01
Fixed Asset Review - FA04
Payroll Distribution - March 2016
Payroll Distribution - February 2016
Kozney-Wagner Inc - Kingshighway Bridge Reconstruction
S M Wilson - OFallon Park Recreation Center
Payroll Distribution - January 2016
Fixed Asset Review - December 2015
Contract Review - HNTB Corporation
Contract Review - J H Berra Construction Co Inc
Cash Count - January 2016
Payroll Distribution - October 2015
Habitat of Humanity St Louis
Revenue Review - Excise Division
Cash Count - December 2015
Aschinger Electric Company
Fixed Asset Follow-Up Review
North Sarah II Limited Partnership
Special Review Jury Selection Process
Delinquent Land Tax Sales October 2015
Cash Count - November
Payroll Distribution - Registers Office December
Payroll Distribution - November Communicable Disease
Covenant House Grant Review
Fed Webber Inc -Upper Muny Parking Lot Improvement
Revenue Review - Family Court
Fixed Assets Review - October 2015
Hammond Apartments LP
Revenue Review - Gateway Transportation Center
Interfaith Residence - DBA Doorways Housing Program
Cash Count - October 2015
Fixed Assets Review - August 2015
Payroll Distribution - September 2015
Cash Count - September 2015
Vic Thompson Company - PSA1099
Expenditure Review Fund 1116
Dynamic Vending Inc
Payroll Distribution - July 2015
Cash Count August 2015
Payroll Distribution Review - August 2015
Kiesel Company
Cash Count - July 2015
BJC Behavioral Health
Police Credit Card Expenditure Review
Communicable Disease Expenditures Review
Triangle Services
A T and T Corporation
NorthsideYouth and Senior Service Center Inc
Animal Care and Control
City Mail Services - July 2015
Tax Delinquent Land Sales May 2015
Payroll Distribution - May 2015
Cash Count - June 2015
Cash Count - May 2015
Pepsi Beverage Company
Emergency Medical Services Billings and Collections Process Review
Follow-up Review of City Marshals Process review Issued July 10 2013
Expenditure Review - Facilities Management
Payroll Distribution Review - March 2015
Waste Management of MO IL Inc
Payroll Distribution Review - June 2015
Payroll Distribution Review - April 2015
tri-co inc Commercial
Process Review - City Utility Bills
Cash Count - April 2015
Cash Count - March 2015
Haven of Grace - Transitional Housing
Peter and Paul community services - transitional housing
Follow-up Review and Expenditures
Franchise Fee
Revenue Review - Courthouse Restoration
Fixed Asset Review - DHS
Street and Alley Lighting Repair and Maintenance
Contract Review - LB and B Associates Inc
Revenue Review - License Collector
Janitoral and Pest Control Services
Crawford Murphy and Tilly Design Construction Contract
Fixed Asset Review - Traffic & Lighting
Board of Public Service - Utility Bills
Expenditures Review - Employee Benefits Section
interfaith Residence - DBA Doorways
Review of Utility Bills
Cash Count - February 2015
Payroll Distribution - Department of Streets Directors Office
Payroll Distribution - Communicable Disease Control
Follow-up Review Refuse Division
Global Drug Testing
Building Division - Dept. Public Safety
Equipment Services
Safeguards Technology
Cash Count - January 2015
Follow-up Review -Forest Park Improvements Revenue
Gershenson Construction Co
Cash Count - December 2014
Payroll Distribution - Equipment Services Division
Observation of Delinquent Land Tax Sales 1
Expenditure Review - Mayors Office
Payroll Distribution - Excise Div
Catholic Charities Community Srvs
Contract Review - Sungard Public Sector
Contract Review - Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Fixed Assets Review - June 2014 - 12
Center for Women in Transition - AHC03
Software License Management
Cash Count - November 2014 1
Cash Count - August 2012
Review of Correctional Medical Services Inc
Payroll Distribution Review - Office of the Register
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Mssouri Energycare Inc
Fiscal Monitoring Review - Southwestern Illinois College
Revenue Review - Port Authority
Street Division - Department of Streets
Fixed Assets - March 2014
Follow-up Review of Process Review Report
Cash Count - October 2014
Shalom House - Contract
Land Sales Review - July 2014
Payroll Distribution - February 2014 - Civil Rights Enforcement Agency
St Louis Transitional Hope House - Fiscal Monitoring
Payroll Distribution - October 2014
Covenant House of Missouri
Multigraph Section Fixed Assets Review June 2014
Contract Review - On-Airport Vehicle Rental Concession Agreement
Contract Review - Kwame Green Joint Venture PSA 1033
Process Review - Vendor Master File Management
Airport Contract - exp US Services Inc
Fixed Assets Review - June 2014
Special Review - Technology and Archival Account
Cash Count - April 2013
Burns and McDonnell
Fiscal Monitoring - Shalom House Grant
URS Inc - Airport Contract Review
St. Louis Transitional Hope House Grant
Cash Count Observation - June 2014
Cash Count Observation - March 2014
Cash Count Observation - February 2014
Cash Count - January 2013
Scott Safety Contract
Millstone Bangert
Better Family Life Inc
Gateway 180
Southtowne Apartments LP
Habitat for Humanity St Louis 2010 Kraft
Process Review City Counselors Office
Process Review - Accounts Payable
contract review - Securitas Security Services
Missourians Organization for Reform and Empowerment
Contract Review - Tractor Trailer Supply Company
Cash Count - April 2014
Revenue Review - Building Division
Revenue Review - Recorder of Deeds - 2014-RR05
Revenue Review - Juvenile Division
Payroll Distribution Review - April 2014
Payroll Distribution Review - June 2014
Payroll Distribution Review - March 2014
Review of Terminal Railroad Association - Lease Agreement
Fiscal Process Review - Tower Grove Park
Fixed Asset Review - August 2013
Fixed Asset Review - Communicable Disease
Fixed Asset Review - Dept. of Human Services
Contract Review - C Rallo Contracting Co Inc
Cash Count - September 2014
Follow-up Review 02
Beyond Housing Inc
Payroll Distribution Review - September 2014
Cash Count - July 2014
Payroll Distribution Review - July 2014
Payroll Distribution Review - August 2014
Vehicle Special Review - Police Department
Revenue Revenue-Sheriffs Office
Payroll Distribution - February 2014
Revenue Review - Metro Trash Service
Urban League of Metro St Louis
Payroll Distribution Review - January 2014
Cash Count - January 2014
Payroll Distribution Review - June
Payroll Distribution Review - December
Street Repair and Resurfacing
North Sarah Limited Partnership
SLU - New Hope Comprehensive Clinic
Expanded Recreation Services Program
Cash Count - February 2014
Fixed Assets Review - June 2013
MCI Communications Inc - Right of Way
Citywide Contract Review
Payroll Distribution Review - Family, Community & School Health
Supporting Housing Program
Federal Grants Section Process Review
Fixed Asset Review
Contract Audit - Brown Associates
Revenue Review - Circuit Clerk Courthouse Restoration Fees
Cash Count-December
Payroll Distribution Review - Operation Brightside
Forest Park Improvements
Payroll Distribution Review - November 2013
Cash Count - November 2013
22nd Judicial Circuit Drug Court Division 25
Payroll Expenditure Review
Cash Count - October 2013
MERS Goodwill
Street Dept Revenue Review - Excavation Restoration
Fiscal Monitoring Review 5
Payroll Distribution Review 4
St Louis Community College
Payroll Distribution Review 11
Fiscal Monitoring Review
Fixed Assets Review
Supportive Housing Program
Office of the Sheriff 10
Treasurers Office August 2013
Federal Grants Management 10
Greater Ville Neighborhood Preservation 10
Board of Aldermen 11
Lydia's House 11
Saint Louis Development Corporation 12
Treasurers Office February 2013
Tower Grove Park 1
Saint Charles Community College 11
Saint Patrick Center 11
Saint Patrick Center 1
Employment Connections 10
East Central College 11
East Central College 10
Board of Public Service 12
City Marshals Office 11
Planning and Urban Design Agency 1
City Counselors Office 11
Alternative Opportunities
Covenant House 1
Rebuilding Together St Louis 11
Department of Parks Recreation and Forestry 11
City Building Division 11
Board of Public Services 11
North Newstead 22
St Louis Board of Education
Budget Division
Grand Oak Hill Community Corp
Office of the Medical Examiners Office 5
Office of the Medical Examiners Office
City Emergency Management Agency
St. Louis Area Agency on Aging - 1
Municipal Information System
Department of Human Services - Cash Receipts Project (1)
The Acts Partnership
Humanitri 1
Catholic Charities Housing Resource Center
Operation Brightside1
Recorder of Deeds - Cash Receipt Project
Excise Department - Department of Public Safety
Lambert Airport - Review of Drafting Services
Home Services Inc1
Community Renewal And Development
Lambert Airport - Review of Communications Master Plan Services
Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corp.
Treasurer's Office 33
Community Women Against Hardship 3
Haven of Grace 3
HI-Pointe Center 3
Process Review of Collection Service Fees - Refuse Division
St. Martha's Hall 3
Riverview West Florissant Housing Corporation 3
Registrar's Office - Fixed Assets Review
Revenue and Expenditure Review of the Assessor's Office
Washington University 3
Catholic Family Services - Places for Fathers 3
Southwest Neighborhood Improvement Association 3
Salvation Army Harbor Light 1
Lackland Acquisitions II LLC 3
St. Martha's Hall 1
St. Louis Area Agency On Aging
Housing Resource Center 1
Treasurer's Office 32
Community Health in Partnership Services (CHIPS)
Vaughn Tenant Association - Elmer Hammond Daycare 01
Vaughn Tenant Association - Elmer Hammond Daycare
Street Division
Parks Division--
Redevelopment Opportunities For Women 3
Old North St. Louis Restoration Corporation 3
The Bridge
Treasurer's Office 31
Carondelet Community Betterment Federation 3
Dutchtown South Community Corporation (3)
Supply Division 02
Treasurer's Office 30
Jefferson College - Workforce Investment Act
Gateway Homeless Services
Treasurer's Office 29
On - Airport Passenger Vehicle Rental Concession Agreement
Revenue Review of the Circuit Clerk's Office
Treasurer's Office 28
Carondelet Community Betterment Federation Inc
Supply Division--
Hamilton Heights Community Organization
Process Review of Facility Services
Review of Noise Management and Monitoring Services - St. Louis Airport
Department of Human Services - Follow Up
Treasurer's Office 27
Communications Division 2
St. Louis Leased Housing Association III, LP
Contractors Assistance Program1
DeSales Community Housing Corporation 3
Family Care Health Centers 2
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri 2
Metro St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council 2
Skinker-DeBaliviere Community Council 2
St. Clair County Department of Health 3
Civil Rights Enforcement Agency 2
St. Louis City Municipal Courts
Greater Ville Neighborhood Preservation Commission 2
Vashon-Jeff Vander Lou 2
City Counselor's Office - Fixed Assets Review
City Building Division
Board of Public Service1
Legal Services of Eastern Missouri 2
Planning and Urban Design Agency--
Park Central Development Corporation 3
Bevo Area Community Improvement Corporation 2
Hi-Pointe Center 2
Community Women Against Hardships 2
Assessor's Office 3
Harambee Youth Training Corporation (CDA)
Doorways 5
Harambee Youth Training Corporation (AHC)
Affordable Housing Commission Process Review Report
Landrum & Brown
Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation 2
St. Louis Children's Hospital 3
St. Louis Effort for AIDS 3
Williams & Associates 3
SAGE Metro St. Louis
City Counselor's Office 2
St. Louis Development Corporation 2a
Office of the Register
Society of St. Vincent DePaul 3
St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources--
City Emergency Management Agency--
Food Control Section
Treasurer's Office 26
Youth & Family Center
Covenant House
Old North St. Louis Restoration Corporation 2
Franchise Utility Taxes 2
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
Food Outreach 3
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation 3
Division of Corrections 3
Women's Safe House 2
Water Division1
Amherst Condominium & Development, LLC
Lydia's House1
Shalom House 2
YWCA of Metropolitan St. Louis 2
Neighborhood Enterprise, Inc.
Department of Human Services--
Treasurer's Office 25
Treasurer's Office 24
Soulard Market - Follow Up
Better Family Life, Inc. 5
Haven of Grace 2
St. Patrick Center 2
Lackland Acquisitions II, LLC 2
Harambee Youth Training Corporation 2
Doorways 4
St. Louis Community College 2
St. Louis University - New Hope Care Clinic 2
Emmanuel Outreach Ministries
Burns & McDonnell
Gateway Transportation Center 2
Air Pollution Control Review Report
Sheriff's Office - Land Sales 2
MERS Missouri Goodwill Industries
St. Philippine Home 2
Unison Consulting, Inc.
Southwestern Illinois College
Grace Hill Settlement House 2
Redevelopment Opportunities for Women 2
St. Louis Works
Places for People, Inc. 3
Department of Public Safety 2
Employment Connection 3
ABM Janitorial Services
Treasurer's Office 23
St. Louis Port Authority--
Humanitri 2
Riverfront Gaming
St. Louis Effort for AIDS 2
Washington University 2
Southwest Neighborhood Improvement Association 2
East Central College 2
St. Charles Community College 2
Peter & Paul Community Services, Inc. 4
St. Clair County Department of Health 2
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation 2
Paraquad, Inc.
Cardinal Ritter Senior Services
Peter & Paul Community Services, Inc. 3
Grand Oak Hill Community Corporation 2
Places for People, Inc. 2
Our Lady's Inn 2
Process Review - Civil Courts
Auto Towing & Storage Services
St. Louis Transitional Hope House 2
Treasurer's Office 22
Municipal Garage
Urban League of St. Louis AHC
UJAMAA Community Development Corporation 2
Municipal Information Systems, Inc.1
Hamilton Heights Neighborhood Organization 2
Gateway Transportation Center--
Operation Brightside--
Treasurer's Office 21
St. Martha's Hall 2
Information Technology Services Agency--
Riverview West Florissant Housing Corporation 2
Department of Personnel 2
Carondelet Community Betterment Federation 2
St. Louis Children's Hospital 2
Forestry Division--
Employment Connection 2
Recreation Division 2
Board of Elections Commissioners
Dutchtown South Community Corporation 2
The Acts Partnership Corporation 2
St. Louis Board of Education / St. Louis Public Schools 2
Housing Resource Center CDA
Records Retention Section
Treasurer's Office 20
Airport Landing Fees Review Report
Housing Resource Center DHS
Williams & Associates 2
Lackland Acquisitions II, LLC
Architectural Design Services (Lambert)
Office of the Supply Commissioner--
Park Central Development Corporation 2
Catholic Family Services 2
Center for Women in Transition
Society of St. Vincent DePaul 2
Neighborhood Stabilization Team--
Treasurer's Office 19
Office of the Director of Health
Better Family Life, Inc. 4
Home Services, Inc. 2
Community Renewal & Development, Inc. 2
Health Care Trust Fund
Rebuilding Together 3
Urban League of St. Louis 2
Recreation Division--
Treasurer's Office 18
Treasurer's Office 17
Food Outreach 2
St. Louis Community College CDA
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri
Hyde Park Outreach 2
St. Patrick Center (Re-Issue)
St. Louis Transitional Hope House
Community Alternatives, Inc.
Greater Ville Neighborhood Preservation Comission
Home Services, Inc. AHC
Doorways 3
St. Patrick Center
Almost Home AHC
Sheriff's Office - Land Sales
Covenant House Missouri
St. Philippine Home
Treasurer's Office 16
Supply Division - Multigraph Section 2
Skinker-DeBaliviere Community Council
Urban Strategies, Inc.
Carr Square Tenant Management Corporation
DeSales Community Housing Corporation 2
Community Health-In-Partnership Services 2
Vashon-Jeff Vander Lou
Salvation Army Harbor Light
Comptroller's Office - Municipal Garage
Vaughn Tenant Association / Elmer Hammond Day Care
Contractor's Assistance Program
St. Louis Development Corporation--
Southside Senior Citizens Center
Revenue Review - Recorder of Deeds - 2012-01
St. Louis Community College--
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services--
Franchise Utility Taxes
Gateway Homeless Services, Inc.
Grace Hill Settlement House
St. Louis MR&DD Resources
Shalom House
Board of Public Service--
Washington University--
St. Louis Children's Hospital
Peter & Paul Community Services
Employment Connection
St. Louis Effort for AIDS
Redevelopment Opportunities for Women
St. Clair County Department of Health
Family Care Health Centers
Department of Parks, Recreation, & Forestry & Operation Brightside
Metro St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council
Treasurer's Office 15
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation
Doorways 2
UJAMAA Community Development Corporation
License Collector's Office--
St. Louis University - New Hope Care Clinic
Places for People, Inc.
Harambee Youth Training Corporation
Treasurer's Office 14
Peter & Paul Community Services, Inc. 2
Board of Jury Commissioners
Haven of Grace
Community Women Against Hardships
Bevo Area Community Improvement Center
Old North St. Louis Restoration Corporation
Water Division--
DOH - Environmental Health Services
South Grand Community Improvement District
St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association
Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation
North Newstead Association
Civil Rights Enforcement Agency
Division of Corrections 2
Division of Corrections
Bethany Place
Treasurer's Office 13
Treasurer's Office 12
Sheriff's Office--
Department of Public Safety--
St. Louis World Changers
Southwest Neighborhood Improvement Association
Hamilton Heights Neighborhood Organization
Housing Resource Center 2
MERS/MO Goodwill
Cambridge Heights, LLC
Paradies Concessions II Arch, Inc.
Better Family Life, Inc. 3
YWCA of Metropolitan St. Louis
Adequate Housing for Missourians
East Central College
Riverview West Florissant Housing Corporation
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Home Services, Inc.
Peter & Paul Community Services, Inc.
Catholic Family Services
Department of Personnel - Employee Benefits
Our Lady's Inn
Medical Examiner's Office--
Treasurer's Office 11
Treasurer's Office 10
Lydia's House
Community Renewal & Development, Inc.
Planning & Urban Design Agency--
St. Martha's Hall
St. Louis Board of Education / St. Louis Public Schools
Harris House Foundation, Inc.
St. Charles Community College
Women's Safe House1
Bridgeway Counseling
Urban League of St. Louis
Jefferson College
Carondelet Community Betterment Federation
Park Central Development Corporation
The Acts Partnership Corporation
Hi-Pointe Center
Housing Resource Center
Street Department--
Supply Division - Multigraph Section
Grand Oak Hill Community Corporation
Missouri EnergyCare, Inc.
Community Health-In-Partnership Services
Gateway Homeless Center
Treasurer's Office 9
Better Family Life, Inc. 2
Dutchtown South Community Corporation
Treasurer's Office 8
FIre Department--
St. Margaret of Scotland Housing Corporation
Municipal Information Systems, Inc.
Assessor's Office 2
Human Development Corporation
Building Division
Street Department - Traffic & Lighting Division
Excise Division - Dept of Public Safety
JESS, Inc.
Women's Safe House
Soulard Market--
Treasurer's Office 6
DeSales Community Housing Corporation
Department of Parks, Recreation & Forestry
Legal Services of Eastern Missouri
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Family Court - Juvenile Division
Rebuilding Together 2
Treasurer's Office 7
Williams & Associates
Communications Division
Rebuilding Together
Fathers Support Center
Herbert Hoover Boys & Girls Club
Food Outreach
Soldiers' Memorial Military Museum
Hyde Park Outreach
Better Family Life, Inc.
Treasurer's Office1111
Board of Election Commissioners
Treasurer's Office11
City Counselor's Office
Treasurer's Office1
Assessor's Office
Department of Personnel
Treasurer's Office

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