Office of the Comptroller Documents

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The comptroller's office believes an open and transparent government serves the taxpayers best interests. To that end, the comptroller makes putting public documents online a priority to keep the taxpayers informed on how their government is performing. You are invited to view all of our documents by using the links on the left side of the webpage.

Informational Pages
Proposed New Football Stadium Funding Strategy Considerations
Brief on Utilization of Ward Capital for Body Camera Funding
Ward Capital Balance Explanation from Budget Director Paul Payne Documents
Standard and Poor's Rating Services Press Release - Convention Center 2015
Meeting Materials
Agenda for E and A November 18 2015
Agenda for Special E and A for November 2 2015
E and A Agenda for October 21 2015
E and A Agenda for September 23 2015
E and A Agenda for August 27 2015
Agenda for E and A July 15 2015
E and A Agenda on June 17 2015
Agenda for E and A June 17 2015
E & A Agenda for May 20 2015
E and A Agenda FY2016 Final Vote Out
E and A Agenda for April 15 2015
E & A Agenda for March 18 2015
E and A Agenda for February 18 2015
E and A Agenda for January 20, 2015
E and A Agenda for December 17 2014
News and Announcements
Comptroller Darlene Green's Official Statement Regarding City Issued Take-Home Vehicle
Summer 2015 Comp Times
Spring 2015 Comp Times
Winter 2014 Comp Times
Plans and Reports
1520 Market - City Hall West Debt Service Table
General Obligation Bonds Debt Service Table
City Justice Center Debt Service Table
Convention Center Debt Service Table
City Parks - Debt Service Table
Juvenile Detention Center Debt Service Table
Kiel Site Certificates of Participation Debt Service Table
Water Debt Service Table
Police Capital Improvements Debt Service Table
Pension Funding Project Debt Service Table
Lambert St. Louis Airport Debt Service Table
Forest Park Debt Service Table
Carnahan Courthouse Debt Service Table
Edward Jones Dome Debt Service Table
Current Year Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
RFPs Bids and Notices
Request for Qualifications - Carnahan Courthouse 2006A Refunding - Bond Counsel
RFQ - Carnahan Courthouse Refunding - October 2015
RFQ - Bond Counsel - GOB Refunding
RFQ - Underwriters - GOB Refunding
RFP 1901-19 Penrose
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