Comptroller Audits

The Comptroller's Office audits all city departments and issues reports.

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Welcome to the Comptroller online audit database.

The mission of the online audit database is to make city government more accessible and accountable to you, the taxpayers.

If the report you are seeking is not in the database or if you have questions or comments, please contact us at

There may be a copying and/or labor fee assessed on audit requests not available online. To access a report, simply click on the report title.


Audit # Department Report Date View Document (PDF) Category
2016-PD02 Affordable Housing Commission of the City of St. Louis 09/10/2015 Payroll Distribution Review - August 2015 Others
2015-AH09 Affordable Housing Commission of the City of St. Louis 08/18/2015 BJC Behavioral Health Grant Monitoring
2015-AH07 Affordable Housing Commission of the City of St. Louis 08/20/2015 NorthsideYouth and Senior Service Center Inc Grant Monitoring
2014-CN14 Board of Public Service 08/25/2015 Kiesel Company Contract Audits
2016-PD01 Department of Personnel 09/10/2015 Payroll Distribution - July 2015 Others
2015-SP04 Department of Public Safety 07/31/2015 Police Credit Card Expenditure Review Management Advisory Services
2015-SP05 Division of Health 08/04/2015 Communicable Disease Expenditures Review Management Advisory Services
2015-PR02 Division of Health 07/28/2015 Animal Care and Control Others
2015-CN07 Information Technology Services Agency 08/18/2015 A T and T Corporation Information Systems Reviews
2015-APC02 Lambert-St. Louis International Airport 08/06/2015 Triangle Services Contract Audits
2015-PD11 Neighborhood Stabilization Team 07/10/2015 Payroll Distribution - May 2015 Others
2015-FL06 Office of the City Marshal 07/01/2015 Follow-up Review of City Marshals Process review Issued July 10 2013 Follow-up
2015-CN14 Office of the Comptroller 09/10/2015 Dynamic Vending Inc Contract Audits
2015-CN11 Office of the Comptroller 07/14/2015 Pepsi Beverage Company Contract Audits
2015-RR10 Sheriff's Office 07/14/2015 Tax Delinquent Land Sales May 2015 Others
2015-ER05 St. Louis Development Corporation 09/17/2015 Expenditure Review Fund 1116 Others
2016-FA01 Supply Division 08/18/2015 City Mail Services - July 2015 Others
2016-CC02 Treasurer's Office 09/10/2015 Cash Count August 2015 Others
2016-CC01 Treasurer's Office 08/25/2015 Cash Count - July 2015 Others
2015-CC12 Treasurer's Office 07/10/2015 Cash Count - June 2015 Others
2015-CC11 Treasurer's Office 07/10/2015 Cash Count - May 2015 Others
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