Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Section of the Comptroller's Office provides objective assurance and advisory services to the departments, offices, and agencies of the City of St. Louis

The Internal Audit Section focuses its efforts on areas with the greatest risks and makes recommendations for improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and the adequacy of internal controls over financial information, the safeguarding of assets, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Internal Audit receives its authority through the Comptroller from article XV, section 2 of the City Charter and section 5.02.020 of the Revised Code of the City of St. Louis.

Audit Database

To access a report, simply click on the report title, below. If the report you seek is not listed or if you have questions or comments, please contact Research and duplication fees may be assessed for audit requests not available online.


All 53 records
Audit # Department Report Date View Document (PDF) Category
2018-FA02 Board of Aldermen 12/18/2017 Fixed Asset Review - Board of Aldermen 2018FA02 Others
2018-FHL04 Board of Election Commissioners 01/18/2018 Expenditure Review - Board of Election Commissioners Others
2018-FA03 Board of Election Commissioners 12/18/2017 Fixed Asset Review - Board of Election Others
2018-PD10 Board of Public Service 05/01/2018 Payroll Distribution - April 2018 Others
2017-CN04 Board of Public Service 03/26/2018 City Justice Center Security Upgrades Contract Audits
2018-PD08 Board of Public Service 02/17/2018 Payroll Distribution - February 2018 Others
2017-Cn03 Board of Public Service 11/30/2017 Kingshighway Bridge Reconstruction Contract Audits
2018-PD07 Building Division 03/02/2018 Payroll Distribution - January 2018 Others
2018-FA07 City Emergency Management Agency 05/03/2018 Fixed Asset Review - City Emergency Management Agency Others
2017-PD11 City Justice Center 12/28/2017 Payroll Distribution - May 2017 Others
2018-PD06 Communications Division 01/16/2018 Payroll Distribution - November 2017 Others
2018-RR02 Communications Division 11/14/2017 Revenue Review - Cable Television Franchise Fees Others
2017-FA12 Department of Health 09/20/2017 Fixed Asset Review - Animal Care and Control Others
2017-PD12 Department of Health 07/10/2017 Payroll Distribution - June 2017 Others
2018-FA06 Department of Human Services 12/29/2017 Fixed Asset Review - Department of Human Services 06 Others
2018-FA05 Department of Public Safety 04/17/2018 Fixed Asset Review - Department of Public Safety Others
2017-CN05 Department of Public Safety 02/02/2018 Inmate Health Care Delivery System Contract Audits
2018-CN03 Department of Streets 02/05/2018 Energy Efficient Roadway Lighting Upgrades Contract Audits
2018-PD04 Division of Recreation 03/15/2018 Payroll Distribution - October 2017 Others
2017-FA09 Fire Department 09/26/2017 Fixed Asset Review - Fire Department Others
2018-PD02 Information Technology Services Agency 09/19/2017 Payroll Distribution - August 2017 Others
2017-FA08 Municipal Court 08/07/2017 Fixed Asset Review - April 2017 Others
2017-FA10 Neighborhood Stabilization Team 09/28/2017 Fixed Asset Review - Neighborhood Stabilization Program Others
2018-PD01 Office of the City Counselor 09/29/2017 Payroll Distribution - July 2017 Others
2017-PR01 Office of the Comptroller 11/09/2017 Process Review - Credit Card Usage Others
2018-FL06 Office of the Comptroller 12/28/2017 Follow-Up Review - Revenue Review Report-2014-RRV08 Follow-up
2017-ER03 Office of the Comptroller 07/03/2017 Expenditure Review - Capital Improvement Review Others
2017-ER03 Office of the Comptroller 07/03/2017 Expenditure Review - Capital Improvement Funds Others
2017-RR09 Office of the Sheriff 09/13/2017 Revenue Review - Sheriffs Delinquent Land Sales Others
2017-SP07 Office of the Sheriff 07/18/2017 Special Review - Sheriff Department Payroll Management Advisory Services
2017-RR08 Office of the Sheriff 08/23/2017 Revenue Review - Delinquent Land Tax Sales Others
2018-CC09 Office of the Treasurer 04/18/2018 Cash Count - March 2018 Others
2018-CC08 Office of the Treasurer 03/16/2018 Cash Count - February 2018 Others
2018-CC06 Office of the Treasurer 02/07/2018 Cash Count - December 2017 Others
2018-CC07 Office of the Treasurer 02/13/2018 Cash Count - January 2018 Others
2018-CC05 Office of the Treasurer 12/28/2017 Cash Count - November 2017 Others
2018-CC04 Office of the Treasurer 11/21/2017 Cash Count - October 2017 Others
2018-CC03 Office of the Treasurer 11/07/2017 Cash Count - September 2017 Others
2018-CC02 Office of the Treasurer 09/25/2017 Cash Count - August 2017 Others
2018-CC01 Office of the Treasurer 08/07/2017 Cash Count - July 2017 Others
2017-CC12 Office of the Treasurer 07/13/2017 Cash Count - June 2017 Others
2018-PD09 Planning & Urban Design Agency 04/12/2018 Payroll Distribution - March 2018 Others
2018-FL02 Recorder of Deeds and Vital Records Registrar 10/25/2017 Follow-Up Review - Recorder of Deeds Follow-up
2018-PD06 Refuse Division 03/02/2018 Payroll Distribution - December 2017-1 Others
2017-FA07 Soulard Market 07/12/2017 Fixed Asset Review - January 2017 Others
2018-FHL04 St. Louis Development Corporation 12/27/2017 Port Authority Expenditure Review Follow-Up Follow-up
2017-APC02 St. Louis Lambert International Airport 01/23/2018 Airport Checked Baggage Inspection Systems Contract Audits
2017-FHL02 St. Louis Lambert International Airport 10/06/2017 Airport Properties Division Payroll Process Review Others
2017-APC06 St. Louis Lambert International Airport 10/31/2017 On-Airport Passenger Vehicle Rental Concession Agreement Review Contract Audits
2017-CN06 St. Louis Lambert International Airport 09/19/2017 Haier Plumbing and Heating Inc Contract Audits
2016-APC01 St. Louis Lambert International Airport 08/04/2017 CBIS General Building Renovations - Terminal 1 and 2 Contract Audits
2018-PD03 Supply Division 09/29/2017 Payroll Distribution - September 2017 Others
2018-FL01 Traffic and Lighting Division 11/02/2017 Traffic and Lighting Division Fixed Asset Follow-Up Review Follow-up

Location & Contact

Comptroller's Office
Internal Audit Section
1520 Market Street
Suite 3005
Saint Louis, MO 63103
(314) 657-3490
(314) 552-7670 (fax)

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