Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance for eligible City of St. Louis Employees is provided through Anthem

The City offers active employees medical coverage through Anthem Blue Access PPO Choice. The City offers employees medical plans on: 

  • High Option
  • Low Option
  • High Deductible Plan  

Open enrollment occurs annually in the month of May. For plan year 2020-2021 will run 4/27/2020 to 5/22/2020.

View Open Enrollment 2020-2021 information.

Anthem Coverage Overview

Review Anthem Medical Booklet for each Medical Plan Option.

View Summary of Benefits and Coverage for Anthem Low Option, High Option, High Deductible Option.

You can also view the Anthem digital booklet for each plan at the links below:

Review Certificates of Coverage (COC) for the Plan.

View Condensed Summary of Benefits for 2020-2021 plan year City and Police Division Active, Retiree, and COBRA plans. 

Express Scripts Perscription Drug Benefits

Anthem Enrollment and Change Form

Access medical insurance enrollment/change form

View Accepted Dependent Documentation required in order to add dependents to your medical plan.

Employee Eligibility

Eligible employees must submit enrollment forms within 31 calendar days of employment, during the annual open enrollment period, or within 31 calendar days of a qualifying life change event (for example, marriage, birth of a child, divorce, loss of coverage, court support order, etc.).

Employee Cost

Employee cost paid by Employer up to an amount determined by the City. Following are the biweekly rates are in force from June 23, 2019 to June 20, 2020.

Anthem Biweekly Premium Rates
Anthem BCBS Low Option Plan High Option Plan High Deductible Plan
Coverage type Biweekly cost Biweekly cost Biweekly cost
Employee Only $16.37 $69.20 $5.82
Employee & Chil(dren) $139.91 $299.32 $72.61
Employee & Spouse** $219.75 $408.36 $141.14
Employee & Family** $459.14 $735.12 $346.68
**Includes domestic partner

Anthem provides medical coverage to employees and dependents and Express Scripts provides prescription drug coverage. 


Notices and Disclosures

Learn more about perscription drug coverage, medicare part D, COBRA notice, and special enrollment and other improtant notices.

View Important Notices and Disclosures

Retiree Health Insurance

Retired city employee are eligible for health insurance under the City of St. Louis plans.

View Information on Retiree Health Insurance

COBRA Health Insurance

Employees who lose coverage under the City of St. Louis health plans are eligible for COBRA continuation coverage.

View Information on COBRA Health Insurance


If you are an enrolled employee of the City and currently have questions about your coverage you can contact the following numbers for information:

  • Anthem                          1-800-843-6447
  • Express Scripts              1-866-595-7317

Mail completed enrollments to:

Employee Benefits Section
1114 Market Street, Suite 900
St. Louis, Missouri  63101

City Benefits Fax: 314-436-7405
City Benefits Phone: 314-622-5753

Police Division Benefits Fax:  314-589-8110

Police Division Benefits Phone:  314-589-8104




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