Key Provisions for City Employee Insurance Plan Enrollment

Key provisions for City employee insurance plan enrollment, and general information regarding paid time off

The City of St. Louis offers a wide variety of benefits to its employees.  Benefits are offered to eligible City employees on a voluntary basis and deductions are on a bi-weekly basis.  

Key Provisions for the Employee Insurance Plans

The following are some key provisions of The City of St. Louis Insurance Plans:
  • Full-time, bi-weekly employees are eligible.
  • Coverage for spouse is available with provided dependent documentation.
  • Domestic partners are eligible for coverage with Affidavit of Domestic Partnership and dependent documentation.
  • Dependent children coverage is offered through age 25 with supporting documentation.
  • Deductions for Medical and Dental insurnce plans can be taken on either before or after tax basis. All other plan deductions are made on an after tax basis.
  • Changes in coverage can be made during the annual open enrollment periods or within 31 days a life-change qualifying event, such as marriage, birth of a child, adoption, etc.
  • Open enrollment periods for the employee insurance plans are held annually in the Spring prior to the beginning of the Plan year.
  • Enrollment period for Aflac and Washington National (formerly CONSECO), is open during the year.
  • Basic Life Insurance and Basic (Core) Long Term Disability are City-provided benefits; with no premium responsibility for employees.
  • Optional Life Insurance has a guaranteed issue coverage up to three (3) times the employees annual base salary, up to $250,000, with no questions asked. The same applies for Police Division employees up to a maximum salary of $500,000.

For inquiries about employee insurance plans key provisions, employees may email

Vacation  Leave - Inquiries at a Department Level

The City offers excellent vacation program.
  • New employees begin earning 3 hours of vacation leave per pay period (26 pay periods per year).
  • The amount of vacation leave accrued increases to 5 hours per pay period after 5 years of service; and increases an additional hour per pay period after 10, 15, and 20 years of service.
These accrual rates corrispond approximately to:
  • Two weeks after one year
  • Three weeks after five years
  • Four weeks after ten years
  • Four and one-half weeks after fifteen years
  • Five weeks after twenty years

Employees may make inquiries about vacation time directly to their Department Payroll Contact/Clerk/Specialist.

Medical Leave- Inquiries at a Department Level

New employees begin earning 3 hours of medical leave per pay period (26 pay periods per year).

Medical leave may be taken for personal illness or to care for a sick family member.  All employees have protections provided under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). For more information review Administrative Regulation No.133 which pertains to City Policy on Family and Medical Leave.

Paid Holidays - Refer to the City Payroll Calendar

There are 10 paid holidays per year. Access the Payroll Schedule here.


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