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Add your community or neighborhood event to the City's Event Calendar.

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The City's website allows residents to post events on the City's Event Calendar for public events that will take place in the City.


Be sure to have all the details of your event finalized before you submit your event.

Events for this calendar must:

  • be located within the City of St. Louis
  • be non-partisan and non-political
  • provide entertainment, food or other attractions to a diverse population
  • promote the economic benefits of tourism or enhance the quality of life of the community
  • be open to the general public (for free or cost)
  • be organized for non-commercial and not for profit or for profit events registered with an approved special use permit (for example, farmer's market).


Use the online Add Public Event Form to provide the details about your event. The fields you need to complete include:

  • Meeting Type: usually Community Event.
  • Event Sponsor Organization: the name of your organization.
  • Audience: if your event is geared toward one of the audiences listed, you may choose it. If not, choose Multiple Audiences.
  • Neighborhood: selecting a neighborhood from the list results in your event appearing on that neighborhood's page. You can keep the default, City-Wide, selected if your event isn't for a specific neighborhood.
  • Ward: same as Neighborhood. Keep the Many Wards default selected if your event isn't for a specific ward.
  • Title: the title of your event. You do not need to include the event date or the name of your organization. Spell out any acronyms and abbreviations in case people don't know what they stand for.
  • Description: information about your event. Who is it for? Why is it being held? What will happen at the event? What should people bring or not bring? etc. This is also a good place to include Zoom or Google Meet information if the event is virtual.
  • Start and end date: for a one-day event, the start and end date will be the same.
  • Start and end time: if an end time is not available, provide an approximate time.
  • Location: write Virtual in the location name if the event is being held online. If the event is being held in person, put the location name, street address and zip code. You do not need to include the city and state. 
  • Admission cost: select Charge if your event has an admission fee, Free if it is free to attend.
  • Admission description: for Free events, leave the Admission Description field blank. For Charge events, put admission costs and entry info. The admission description field will NOT make links clickable, so If there is a website for ticket sales, use the Website field below.
  • Contact: the name, email and/or phone number of a person or organization to contact about the event.
  • Accessibility: use this field to tell people what accessibility accommodations are in place, and how to request any additional accommodations they may need.
  • Website: any additional link you want to add, such as event website, Facebook event url, or ticket purchasing site.
  • Website title: the words you want people to click or tap to visit the website. For example, for an event called Youth Festival, you could write Youth Festival Website, Youth Festival Facebook Event, Buy Youth Festival Tickets.
  • Recurrence: if your event occurs on multiple days, you can use the Recurrence feature. For a recurring event, the start date must be the day of the first instance of the event, and the end date must be the day of the last instance of the event. Example: for an event taking place Saturday and Sunday, March 4th and 5th, you would select March 4 as the start date, March 5 as the end date, and choose Multiple Consecutive Days under Recurrence.
  • Your email: your email address, used to send you a confirmation email. Your email will not be included on the public calendar event.

Begin online

What to Expect

You will receive a confirmation email. Keep this email, it will contain a link you can use to update your event.

All submissions are reviewed by the Office of Special Events before posting to the City's Event Calendar. Review can take up to two business days. You will not receive a notification that your event has been posted or deleted, so check the calendar for your event.


Office of Special Events

(314) 589-6640

1200 Market Street, Room 416 City Hall
St. Louis, MO 63103

8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Contact the Office of Special Events

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