Blocking Right of Way Permits

Blocking Right of Way Permits are required for any activity that will block any portion of the public right of way (streets and sidewalks) such as dumpster placement, moving truck, block parties, construction related street closures.

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The Street Department is responsible for maintaining the safety of the public right-of-way and requires a permit to temporarily close the needed area of the right-of-way.

Types of permits most commonly requested:

  • Blocking traffic or curb lane (for construction equipment, dumpster placement, storage container, moving truck, etc).
  • Residential Block Party (defined as a residential, neighbors only, social gathering.  Not affiliated with any special event or commercial establishment).
  • Valet Stands.
  • Full street closures (construction related work).

    Street closings related to Special Events (such as street fairs, parades, runs, bike rides, etc.) are now applied for through the Office of Special Events.


For Blocking Permits

Requirements for submitting blocking permits for the use of sidewalks, curb lanes, and traffic lanes:

  1.  For applications of significant size or length of time submit no later than two weeks prior to the date needed. This facilitates a timely review for the permit date.
  2. For all other applications, submit no later than one week prior to the date needed. Staff will review the request, respond with any questions, and process the permit.
  3. Include a traffic control plan. The plan is required with all blocking applications and must:
    1. Detail how the safety and mobility of motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and persons of all abilities will be addressed during the term of the permit.  
    2. Address the safety and productivity of the permit holder while on site.  
    3. Contain a map detailing any temporary signage or striping, barricades, fencing, a shaded area denoting the dimensions of the work zone and remaining roadway width.
  4. Include a justification for the blocking application. Applicant must adequately justify to the Street Department why there is a need to block a sidewalk, curb lane, or traffic lane as well as the duration of time requested (include project staging/schedule).  

Blocking hours for sidewalks, curb lanes, and traffic lanes

Monday-Friday (weekdays), between 9am-3pm.

Consideration will be given to extended work hours depending on the traffic characteristics of the location.  

Mobility and ADA Access

Temporary accommodations for maintaining mobility and ADA access for pedestrians are required to the satisfaction of the Street Department.

For Residential Block Parties

Residential block parties (specifically gatherings for residents of a block and NOT events open to the public) require an application to be submitted 2 weeks in advance.

Residential Block Parties are limited to weekends, including Friday evenings.

  1. Must be open to all residents of the block for purpose of meeting neighbors - no private parties. Organizer must notify all residents of the party's date/time at least 24 hours in advance; 
  2. Access shall be open to all fire hydrants, mail boxes or other utilities;
  3. No sound amplifying devices may be used that can be heard beyond 150 feet; 
  4. No admission charge may be made;

Blocking Hours for Residential Block Parties

Fridays, between 6pm and 9pm, or

Saturdays/Sundays, between 11am and 9pm (excluding National Night Out and Halloween).

For Valets

Valets must first meet with Larry Tyler to review permit conditions.  Please call ahead and make an appointment.


  1. Determine which type of permit you need.
  2. Determine the location, dates and hours for which you will be requesting a permit.
  3. Submit your application electronically by using the "begin online" button below.
  4. Once the permit is obtained, post the"No Parking" signs (which includes the permit number) 24 hours prior to the blocking.

Begin online Call (314) 647-3111


Review the high/low traffic volume fee division map for reference.


Low Volume Location Blockings:
  • Sidewalks: $20/day/block
  • Curb Lane: $20/day/block
  • Traffic Lane: $30/day/block
  • Alleys: $20/day/block
High Volume Location Blockings:
  • Sidewalks: $35/day/block
  • Curb Lane: $35/day/block
  • Traffic Lane: $50/day/block
  • Alleys: $35/day/block
Dumpster Blocking:
  • Low Volume Location: $20/week
  • High Volume Location: $35/day (Sidewalk or Curb Lane), $50/day (Traffic Lane)
Storage Container Blocking:
  • Low Volume Location: $25/week
  • High Volume Location: $35/day (Sidewalk or Curb Lane), $50/day (Traffic Lane)
Residential Block Parties
  • $20/block
  • $20/day/zone
  • $25 deposit for each meter head cover
  • $1/hour/meter up until 7 pm.

If meters will be blocked, the following meter rental fees apply:

  • one time $25 application fee plus $10/meter/day; excluding Sundays and city holidays.

What to Expect

After submitting your application online, you will receive an application ID number as well as a confirmation e-mail.  You may then monitor the status of your application by going to our Check Status of Street Permit Application page. 

Please allow at least one week for review and approval of requests to completely close the street or for work along a commercial street. A Traffic Control Plan must be submitted along with your application for review.

Upon permit being approved, you should come to 1900 Hampton to pay for and pick up your permit. At this time we only accept cash or check. If there is sufficient lead time before your event, you can mail in payment and we will mail or fax your permit to you.

Additional Information

All barricades are to be provided by the permittee and must include reflective tape and flashers during all hours of darkness.  For lane closures, barricades must be at least 1 foot inside the blocked lane (not directly on the lane line).

If you have any questions, the permit section can be reached at 647-3111. You may also contact us by e-mail with any questions. (See link in our contact section to the right).

For street permits in the Loop Trolley Right-of-Way, please visit Loop Trolley Parking Restrictions, Safety Tips and Permit Information.


Department of Streets

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1900 Hampton
St. Louis, MO 63139

Monday thru Friday, 8:00 - 4:30

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