Eviction Procedures and Policy

Explanation of the adopted Eviction Policy by the Sheriff's Department City of St. Louis.

Revised Eviction Procedures effective as of December 2, 2013

Upon receipt of an Execution to return possession of the premises to a landlord or agent, the LANDLORD or AGENT shall contact the St. Louis Sheriff's Office at 314-622-4851 to set the date for the Eviction. 
  1. A Final Notice to Vacate will be prepared and the posted by a Deputy Sheriff, the landlord will be advised of the following. 
  2. The Eviction will take place as soon as practicable following receipt of the request to schedule the eviction. 
  3. The date that the WRIT will expire. 
  4. That the landlord needs to contact the Sheriff's Department at 314-622-4930 at least 7 calendar days prior to the expiration of the writ of execution. 
  5. After the eviction is scheduled, the following will take place: 
    1.  When the Landlord schedules the eviction the landlord will be apprised of the date and time to meet the sheriff at the location of the eviction. No eviction can be scheduled without paying for the fee. 
    2. It is advised that the Landlord or Agent should check the property prior to a scheduled eviction to determine whether the tenant has vacated the premises. If the tenant has moved and the property has been vacated, the landlord should contact the sheriff's office to cancel the eviction. 
    3. On the day of the eviction the deputy will proceed to the first scheduled location, meet with the landlord who will be required to identify the premises, and verify that the address on the writ is the same to be executed upon, then inform any tenant/occupants who is present, and order them to vacate the premises, immediately. After this is accomplished, the deputy will advise the landlord that the eviction is complete and feels there are no immediate threats, and the landlord now has possession of the premises. The Deputy will fill out the affidavit of proper service accordingly. 
    4. If the landlord chooses to have the locks changed, the landlords shall provide for the locksmith and any movers if needed. 
    5. If the landlord chooses to have the locks changed and the locksmith is present, and if the tenant is present or obviously still resides at the address, the deputy will direct the occupants to leave immediately, and escort them from the premises and keep the peace. 
  6. The landlord (or his representative) is required to be present and identify the property to be executed upon, and matching the court order, when the deputy arrives. When multiple evictions are scheduled for the same landlord the deputy will proceed to the next eviction and meet the Landlord at the next scheduled eviction. The Sheriff's Deputies will not stand-by while the personal property of the tenants is moved. 

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