MWBE Enterprises Inclusion

The City is committed to ensuring that MWBE enterprises have an opportunity to participate on this project at every level.

SLDC/Next NGA West Construction Inclusion Report

Listed below, please find information regarding current projects in relation to Next NGA West. These projects represent the St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC) and the City of St. Louis’ portion of this program. SLDC’s Compliance Department is monitoring these projects to ensure inclusion goals are met, and is working alongside the following contractors:

  • Project Connect
  • MWH Global/Stantec
  • Kwame Building Group
  • Environmental Operations, Inc. 

Also provided is a chart that shows how the projects are performing in relation to the Mayor's Executive Order #28, as amended. Provided are:

  • Project (contract) Name
  • Bid Due Date
  • Date Awarded
  • Firm that was Awarded the Contract
  • Largest Minority Firm on the Contract
  • Contract Amount and Projected M/WBE Participation Percentages

As the projects progress, we will provide continued participation updates.

(Click to view full Construction Project Inclusion Report)  

Construction projects within the area are subject to Mayor's Executive Order #28 as amended: 

  • Executive Order 28 (as amended) sets goals for the inclusion of Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MBEs and WBEs) on construction projects of 25 percent minority participation and 5 percent women owned enterprise participation. Compliance is monitored by the St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC) Compliance section. 

The City is fully committed to these goals and supports compliance efforts in the following ways:

  • Full compliance on all projects directly contracted by the City for Next NGA West site preparation. 
  • Close collaboration with contractors to share "best practices" for compliance and facilitate communication with our area partners, particularly as projects are getting underway. Project startup is a critical time to put into place the framework for success, and the project team works with contractors to help them understand the requirements and procedures established by the SLDC Compliance section. 
  • Regular reporting of performance in achieving the goals for all projects in the area. The community evaluates these reports to identify potential opportunities to improve on future projects. 

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