Disability Help

Listings of organizations that can help people with disabilities in the St. Louis area

If you live in the St. Louis area and have a disability, these resources can help you find jobs and accommodations and navigate the system. Additional resources for people with disabilities are available on the Mental Health page.

Housing and Basic Needs

Horizon Housing Development Company

Assists in providing housing services to homeless individuals with developmental and mental disabilities.

Phone: 314-865-0383
: Horizon Housing Development Company

Independence Center

Independence Center is a community-based rehabilitation program for adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses in the St. Louis area.

  • After hours crisis hotline: 314-469-0620
  • Same day/next day enrollment
  • Employment, education
  • Psychiatric services and counseling
  • Case management services
  • Healthcare screening, education and coordinated care

Phone: 314-533-4163
: Independence Center

Options for Justice

Options for Justice is a non-profit that serves citizens who have developmental or intellectual disabilities who become involved in the justice system.

  • Case management
  • Coordination
  • Referral Services

Phone: 314-721-6161
: Options for Justice


Sunnyhill provides residential support, recreation and educational opportunities for children and adults with developmental and other disabilities throughout the Greater St. Louis Area and surrounding counties.

  • Residential support
  • Independent living housing
  • Life skills training

Phone: 314-845-3900
: Sunnyhill

Education and Employment

Artists First

Artists First offers art based programs throughout the greater Saint Louis area serving aspiring artists of all ages whose lives are challenged by developmental disabilities, pervasive mental illness, and/or traumatic brain injury.

Phone: 314-781-4440
: Artists First

St. Louis Arc

St. Louis Arc serves children, teens, and adults with autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

  • Support groups and workshops
  • Equipment lending
  • Early education
  • Social and recreational programs
  • Employment and training services
  • Residential and adult day programs

Phone: 314-569-2211
: St. Louis Arc

Industrial Aid

Industrial Aid is a local packaging company that provides employment for individuals with disabilities.

  • Training
  • Employment
  • Work services
  • Competitive placement

Phone: 314-773-3200
: Industrial Aid

Lifebridge Partnership

LifeBridge Partnership serves both children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County, providing recreational and social opportunities to promote a meaningful and inclusive community life.

  • Youth camps and after school activities
  • Community socialization

Phone: 314-989-1188
: Lifebridge Partnership


Paraquad assists individuals with a wide variety of disabilities, including physical, cognitive, visual, auditory, mental, and emotional.

  • Assistive technology
  • Home health services
  • Employment help
  • Youth and family services

Phone: 314-289-4200
: Paraquad

Pathways to Independence

Pathways to Independence helps develop social, interpersonal and communication skills in individuals with complex cognitive disabilities.

  • Social and community events
  • Counseling
  • Life skills training

Phone: 314-863-0202
: Pathways to Independence

Specific Disabilities

Association on Aging with Development Disabilities

AADD provides support to adults of all ages with developmental disabilities, with an emphasis on those age 50 years and older. Their goal is to assist individuals in maintaining their independence and support them in continuing to be active members of their communities.

  • Education
  • Retirement support
  • Individual skills development
  • Community and activities

Phone: 314-647-8100
: Association on Aging with Development Disabilities

Center for Hearing and Speech

The Center offers superior hearing, speech, language, and screening services to people of all ages. Financial assistance available.

Phone: 314-968-4710
: Center for Hearing and Speech

Deaf Empowerment Awareness Foundation, Inc

Provides services for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, and Hearing individuals and the community as a whole to ensure effective communication and cultural awareness.

  • Interpreting services (in person and virtual)
  • Legal advocacy
  • Community education

Phone: 314-968-8868
: Deaf Empowerment Awareness Foundation, Inc

Missouri Council of the Blind

Missouri Council of the Blind promotes the general well-being of our members and legally blind people in Missouri, and supports other programs promoting the best interests of legally blind people everywhere.

  • Adaptive technology grants
  • University scholarships
  • Financial assistance
  • Youth programs

Phone: 314-832-7172
: Missouri Council of the Blind

Rehabilitation Services for the Blind

Rehabilitation Services for the Blind (RSB) offers services to help blind or visually impaired persons reach personal and employment success.

  • Support services
  • Job assistance
  • Blindness prevention

Phone: 314-264-7601 (North) or 314-933-7311 (South) or (314) 877-1546 (TTY)
Website: Rehabilitation Services for the Blind

St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources

Provides and coordinates services for St. Louis City residents who have developmental disabilities.

Phone: 314-421-0090
: St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources

St. Louis Society for the Blind

The Society enhances independence, empowers individuals, and enriches the lives of people who are visually impaired or blind.

  • Low vision medical exams and therapy
  • Assistive technology
  • Daily living training

Phone: 314-968-9000
Website: St. Louis Society for the Blind

United Cerebral Palsy Heartland

UCP Heartland's mission is to provide children and adults living with disabilities the care and support they need to thrive in school, at home, at work and in their community.

  • Adult day services
  • Employment resources
  • Independent living support

Phone: 314-994-1600
: United Cerebral Palsy Heartland

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