Resolutions | Session 2022-2023

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Resolution Alderman
R 49
Honoring Reverend Doctor Samuel W. Hylton, Jr.
Jesse Todd
R 48
Honoring Lieutenant Colonel Rochelle Denise
Lisa Middlebrook
R 47
Thanking Deacon Jerry Geiser
Tom Oldenburg
R 46
Formation of Health Committee Special Committee
Christine Ingrassia
R 45
Honoring Pho Grand and the Trinh Family
Megan E. Green
R 44
Honoring Juneteenth Activities
Brandon Bosley
R 43
Tax-Increment Financing (TIF) Moratorium
Bill Stephens
R 42
Subpoena Powers for Board Committees
Sharon Tyus
R 41
Investigating the Rams Settlement
Sharon Tyus
R 40
Examining City Charter Changes Known as Proposition R
Sharon Tyus
R 39
Investigating the City's Handling of Nuisance Properties
Sharon Tyus
R 38
Pride St. Louis, Inc. for Pride Fest 2022
Lewis E Reed
R 37
National Gun Violence Awareness Day
Lewis E Reed
R 36
Honoring Charles Eugene Dayton
Joseph Vollmer
R 35
Honoring Irving Charles Clay, Jr.
Sharon Tyus
R 34
Honoring Njoki Gwendolyn Redding
Jesse Todd
R 33
Study for Implementing an Emergency Vehicle Preemption System
Joseph Vaccaro
R 32
Honoring the 40th Annual Older American’s Month Celebration
Carol Howard
R 31
Honoring Jackie Vernell Williams
Jack Coatar
R 30
Honoring Jesse Calvin Swanigan
Lisa Middlebrook
R 29
POST 2022 Graduating Class
Lewis E Reed
R 28
Bevo Community Improvement District’s Proposed Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023.
Carol Howard
R 27
Honoring Frank Condellire
Joseph Vollmer
R 26
Honoring Armentha Katherine Horne Gilliard
Jeffrey L Boyd
R 25
Support for the Medicare for All Act of 2021
Pam Boyd
R 24
Soulard Community Improvement District’s Proposed Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023
Jack Coatar
R 23
Congratulations to 5268 Maple in St. Louis Missouri Recipient of the Missouri Preservation 2022 Preserve Missouri Award
Shameem Clark Hubbard
R 22
Honoring Homer Erwin Nash, Jr.
Shameem Clark Hubbard
R 21
Reappointments to the Olive West Community Improvement District
Marlene E Davis
R 20
Reappointments to the 2019 Grand Center Community Improvement District
Marlene E Davis
R 19
Improvements 5390 Bircher Blvd.
Jeffrey L Boyd
R 18
Honoring Orlando Watson
Shameem Clark Hubbard
R 17
Establishing the Holly Hills Special Business District
Anne Schweitzer
R 16
Recognizing National Infertility Awareness Week
Megan E. Green
R 15
Honoring Dr. Djibril Diallo
Shameem Clark Hubbard
R 14
Honoring the Honorable Robert G. Dowd, Jr.
Anne Schweitzer
R 13
Honoring Victor Doral Peoples
Marlene E Davis
R 12
Honoring Mr. John Pozzo
Joseph Vollmer
R 11
Honoring Captain Allen Muhammad
John Collins-Muhammad
R 10
Honoring Majed “Mike” Abusaid
John Collins-Muhammad
R 9
Honoring Neveen Ayesh
John Collins-Muhammad
R 8
Honoring Lisa Grozdanic
John Collins-Muhammad
R 7
Honoring Pastor Ralph Petty
Jesse Todd
R 6
Honoring Joanie Thomas Spurgeon
Jack Coatar
R 5
Honoring the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, Inc. Women’s Business Center (WBC)
John Collins-Muhammad
R 4
Postage and Expense Account
Lewis E Reed
R 3
Printing of Journal
Lewis E Reed
R 2
Hiring of Staff
Lewis E Reed
R 1
Rules of the Board of Aldermen for the 2022-2023 Legislative Session of the Board
Lewis E Reed

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