Absentee Voting

How to vote no excuse needed absentee, apply and vote absentee by mail, and how to vote if you're overseas or are deployed in the military.

As of August 28, 2022, there are now two absentee voting options.

No Excuse Needed Absentee Voting

No Excuse Needed Absentee Voting, an in-person voting option for ALL voters during the two weeks before each election. You do not have to provide an excuse to vote absentee during this time. This early absentee voting option is available at these locations.

Application-Based Absentee Voting

Application-Based Absentee Voting is the method where eligible voters may apply to vote absentee by mail or in person up to six weeks before each election. A registered voter must submit an application prior to each election before a ballot can be issued to vote via this method.

Absentee Voting Requirements
Conditions under which it is possible to vote absentee in St. Louis City elections

Apply to Vote Absentee
Instructions on how to apply for an absentee ballot.

Request a Permanently Disabled Voter Application
A voter with a permanent disability may request to be placed on a list of voters who automatically receive an absentee ballot application for each election.

Vote By Absentee Ballot
Instructions to vote absentee after your absentee application has been approved and you have received your absentee ballot.

Vote from Overseas
Registration and voting information for deployed military and their families, and registered voters traveling abroad.

Vote No Excuse Needed Absentee
Learn how to vote absentee without needing to provide an excuse during the two weeks prior to an election.

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