Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies

How to delete information stored in your browser

What are Caches and Cookies?

Our web browsers store temporary information and content to make websites faster and more convenient. 


Your browser saves (caches) some things like images and files from websites you visit. This makes loading pages faster because instead of downloading them again, you just use the copies stored on your computer. 

Learn more about web caching.


Cookies are small text files that websites can save on your computer. They often store things like your preferences for a site, whether you want to stay logged in, or what's in your shopping cart. 

Learn more about cookies.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome support has a good tutorial on how to clear your browser data: 

Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

  1. Clear iOS Safari cookies and browsing data/history

Apple Safari (MacOS) 

  1. Clear MacOS Safari cache and cookies  

Internet Explorer

It is recommended that you no longer use the Internet Explorer browser. It has been replaced by Microsoft Edge.

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