Central West End Historic District Ordinance

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Publication Date: 11/03/2010
Document Type: Laws Bills and Policies
Sponsor: Cultural Resources Office

-Ordinance #56768 is the original ordinance that created the Central West End Historic District in 1973;
-Ordinance #58555 added a new section to #56768 stating that all properties and building permit applications were subject to review by the Heritage and Urban Design Commission (now the Preservation Board)
-Ordinance #61177 (1988) added 2 new areas to the district boundaries
-Ordinance #65563 added 625 N Euclid to the district;
-Ordinance #67303 in 2006 added a small area to the district;
-Ordinance #67395 (2007) added another small area near Walton, Taylor & Olive;
-Ordinance #69423 (2013) repealed Section Two (Rehabilitation and New Construction Standards) of #56768 and adopted revised historic district standards;
-Ordinance #69588 (2014) added 4500 Washington Boulevard to the district.

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