Active City RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, and Bids

List of active City of St. Louis procurement opportunities including RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, and Bids


Product bids are for one time purchases or contracts for tangible items and services that relate to tangible items, including computer software, over $500

RFQs and RFPs are for non-construction-related professional services issued by individual City Departments and Agencies. 

RFIs are informational meetings before an RFP, RFQ or Request for Bid is issued, to help the City determine how to refine specifications and determine eligibility for participation in the competitive bidding process.

If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Kuehling, Director of Procurement, for clarification. 

Review documents related to procurement

Active Product Bid Requests

No fax or email bids are accepted unless specifically requested.  The City of St. Louis uses a sealed bid process as outlined in the "Contract Instruction Document" below.

Supply Bids are sorted by Industry then Closing Date

Title Open Closes Industry
650-0940 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe 05/06/2019 05/28/2019 Vehicles (Auto / Truck / Fire / Refuse)
Hydraulic Hose and Pipe Fittings 05/06/2019 06/04/2019 Pipe/Pipe Fittings
420-0276 Austin Manual Brown Leather Recliners 05/06/2019 05/28/2019 Furniture & Supplies
Food Service (Child & Adult) 05/07/2019 06/11/2019 Food & Beverage Products
420-0300 Airport Multi-Tasking Snow Removal Vehicles 05/07/2019 05/28/2019 Vehicles (Auto / Truck / Fire / Refuse)
Resident Roll Cart/Curbside Waste Collection 05/10/2019 06/04/2019 Refuse Containers & Parts
420-0301 2019 or Newer Class VI Rotary Plow/Blower 05/13/2019 06/04/2019 Airlines/Aviation
220-0147 Swimming Pool Lift 05/13/2019 06/04/2019 Recreational Facilities/Services/Supplies
Utility Locating System 05/16/2019 06/11/2019 Utilities
Elkay Bottle Filling Stations 05/16/2019 06/11/2019 Appliances and Equipment
420-0312 2019 or Newer 19,500 GVW Crew Cab w/Dump 05/16/2019 06/11/2019 Vehicles (Auto / Truck / Fire / Refuse)
Pipe, Ductile Iron 05/16/2019 06/11/2019 Pipe/Pipe Fittings
Post and Rail Sign Frame Kit 05/16/2019 06/11/2019 Miscellaneous
Ice Machine 05/16/2019 05/23/2019 Appliances and Equipment
Laboratory Supplies 05/21/2019 06/11/2019 Medicines (Drugs/Lab Supplies)


Supply Division

Phone: (314) 622-4580

1200 Market St.
Rm 324, City Hall

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (CST) Except for holidays

More Info

All Active RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs

Opportunities are sorted by closing date.

Title Type Opens Closes Topic
City of St Louis Affordable Housing Report RFP
Community Development Administration
RFP 05/13/2019 Community
Consolidated Plan RFP
Community Development Administration
RFP 05/10/2019 Community
Healthy Home Repair Program and Housing Production Procedures Manual RFP
Community Development Administration
RFP 05/13/2019 Community
Market Value Analysis RFP
Community Development Administration
RFP 05/10/2019 Community
St. Louis Economic Development Strategy RFQ/RFP Questions & Responses
St. Louis Development Corporation
RFP 07/11/2018 Local Economy
Summer NOFA 2018
Community Development Administration
RFP 07/10/2018 Community
Woodwaste and Leaf Compost Processing RFP
Division of Forestry
RFP 04/22/2019 05/24/2019 Waste Management and Recycling
Rail Upgrade Materials Municipal River Terminal
St. Louis Development Corporation
RFP 05/09/2019 05/30/2019
RFP for Audit Service
Employees Retirement System of the City of St. Louis
RFP 04/30/2019 05/31/2019 Employees
Request for Proposals for Employee Assistance Program
Department of Personnel,Board of Public Service
RFP 05/08/2019 05/31/2019 Health,Employment Rights and Regulations,Employees
RFP Questions and Answers - EAP
Department of Personnel
RFI 05/17/2019 05/31/2019 Health
RFQ for Economic Development Consulting Services
St. Louis Development Corporation
RFP 05/15/2019 05/31/2019
Request for Proposals - Food RX Program
Department of Health
RFP 05/17/2019 06/07/2019 Procurement
FY2017 CoC Planning Grant RFP
Homeless Services
RFP 05/16/2019 06/14/2019 Homelessness,Procurement
RFP Corrections Inmate Healthcare & Associated Services
Supply Division,Corrections Division
RFP 05/13/2019 07/15/2019 Business and Industry

Other Bid Links

Board of Public Service 

Links related to Requests For Proposals (RFPs) for professional services for all RFPs related to public works or construction projects.

Lambert St. Louis International Airport 

Business Opportunities provides links to Services and Concession Opportunities and Disadvantaged Businesses Enterprise ( DBE) Program Information.  

St. Louis Zoo

Vendors Opportunities  Lists general bid opportunities, which includes goods and services for the day to day operations of the Zoo, and facilities bid opportunities, which include improvements to the Zoo's physical grounds.

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