An overview of triple bottom line sustainability in the City of St. Louis

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The City of St. Louis harnesses the strength and spirit of its diverse community to create an economically, socially and ecologically vibrant City for present and future generations -- one that dynamically serves those who live, work and play in the City's rich and celebrated historic landscape.

City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan and Mayor's Sustainability Action Agenda

The City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan was formally adopted by the City's Planning Commission in January 2013. In February 2013, Mayor Slay announced his Mayor's Sustainability Action Agenda of 29 priority sustainability initiatives for implementation.

NEW: Sustainability Positions

The Office of the Mayor has three part time contract positions open, and is also seeking a student to serve as an unpaid Sustainability Communications intern for course credit. Position descriptions will be posted shortly. Contact Catherine Werner at for more information.

Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative

The City's award-winning Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative was launched in 2013. Two initial efforts were creating version 1.0 of a Sustainable Neighborhood Toolkit and holding a Sustainable Neighborhood Small Grant Competition. Learn more about the Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative.

Awards and Recognition

Mayor Slay named by OurGreenCities as one of eight 2014-2015 Top Mayors for Sustainability 

2014 Outstanding Public Outreach and Community Initiative Award for the City's Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative by the American Planning Association Missouri Chapter.

2013 Outstanding Public Outreach and Community Initiative Award for the City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan by the American Planning Association Missouri Chapter.

2013 Outstanding Plan for the City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan by the St. Louis Chapter of the American Planning Association;

The City's Cycling Initiative earned it the U.S. Conference of Mayors Livability Award honorable mention (2012); 

The City was the Municipal recipient of Trailnet's Active Living Awards (2012); 

The City of St. Louis was showcased as an Innovator in the Carbon Disclosure Project's CDP 2012 Global Report (Page 80)

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STL Climate Initiative

Mayor Slay has joined with other local government officials around the world in committing to the Compact of Mayors, and pledging to gather GHG data, set targets, assess vulnerabilities, and develop climate plans in the coming three years.

The Mayor's Office and Swedish Embassy hosted Good Climate is Good Business on October 1. A portion of the event, featuring a presentation delivered by Dr. Peter Raven, is now available for viewing.

Milkweeds for Monarchs

Looking to put in a monarch/pollinator garden this fall? Here are new tips from the City's Sustainable Neighborhood Toolkit. 

The City of St. Louis has been awarded a NFWF Monarch Conservation grant to create a St. Louis Riverfront Butterfly Byway. 

The National Wildlife Federation's national Mayors' Monarch Pledge was launched in September by Mayor Slay in the City Hall Monarch Garden.

The City's Sustainability Director, Catherine Werner, presented on Milkweeds for Monarchs during a July webinar on urban monarch conservation. For more information and resources about Milkweeds for Monarchs: The St. Louis Butterfly Project, please go to the tab in the left menu.

Energy Efficiency Financing

A July 2014 Set The PACE St. Louis Media Event announced $2.4 Million in energy efficiency improvements for the Missouri Athletic Club.  

In July 2013, the City of St. Louis launched the first phase of its Set The PACE St. Louis Program to provide affordable financing to private building owners in the City of St. Louis who want to do energy efficiency, water efficiency, or renewable energy improvements on their buildings. For more information visit

Subscribe to Sustainability News

The City of St. Louis Sustainability Office communicates via website posts, periodic eNews mailings and Tweets from @GreeninSTL.

To receive electronic sustainability news, alerts and information, send an email to with "Subscribe to Sustainability eNews" in the subject line. 

Sustainability Media Galleries

City Corner: "Milkweed for Monarchs" - The St. Louis Butterfly Project
Interview on the Milkweeds for Monarchs Initiative

OneSTL - Community Highlight - St. Louis
OneSTL Video - Community Highlight - St. Louis

Sustainable Land Lab update -- Sunflower + Project
The Sunflower + Project, featured here, is one of five projects aimed at rethinking vacant land in St. Louis as part of the inaugural Sustainable Land Lab, a partnership between Washington University and the City of St. Louis.

Sustainability Best Practices Videos
Video vignettes encouraging sustainability best practices for people who live, work or play in the urban environment

Sustainable Lab Winners Progress Gallery
Photos of the project progress of the Sustainable Lab Winners

Solar Impulse - St. Louis Sustainability Report
Across America 2013 - St. Louis

City of St Louis: Historically & Dynamically Sustainable
Mayor Slay introduces the City's new sustainabiltiy motto: "City of St Louis: Historically & Dynamically Sustainable" and talks about some of the city's initiatives and programs.

Sustainability and the City

The City of St. Louis promotes sustainability in several ways, but is perhaps most visible in its efforts to capitalize on its dense area, existing infrastructure and rich heritage to preserve and restore buildings, many of which possess impressive historic features. Bicycle-friendly streets and widely available public transportation help decrease car usage, thereby reducing emissions and improving air quality. Sustainable practices such as low impact development and residential recycling are encouraged. The City also requires all new municipal buildings to meet energy efficiency and green building standards. With its Habitat for Humanity developments, St. Louis has one of the highest levels of LEED Platinum Homes in the country. St. Louis also ranks among the highest for historic building rehabilitations. The City has been successful in growing its population by revitalizing its downtown and diverse neighborhoods.

The City is moving forward with many important sustainability initiatives. Developing an overarching sustainability framework and climate action plan for the City are two examples of short-term efforts designed to have lasting, measurable impact. Increased emphasis is being placed on celebrating and communicating the sustainability successes of the City and its many partners, as well as expanding upon both current and prior successes in order for the City to become even more vibrant, sustainable and competitive in the years ahead.

The City developed an award-winning Sustainability Plan. The City started a robust public engagement effort in 2011, and issued a Draft For Public Review of its Sustainability Plan in October of 2012.  The City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan is both comprehensive and triple bottom line (economy, ecology, equity) in orientation. More information about the Plan and planning process can be found on the Sustainability Plan tab of this website. 

There have been 3 community-wide Mayor's Sustainability Summits since 2011 (view the program for the 2013 Mayor's Sustainability Summit III :: implement here)

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