An overview of triple bottom line sustainability in the City of St. Louis

The City of St. Louis harnesses the strength and spirit of its diverse community to create an economically, socially and ecologically vibrant City for present and future generations -- one that dynamically serves those who live, work and play in the City's rich and celebrated historic landscape.

Mayor's Office of Sustainability

The City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan was formally adopted by the City's Planning Commission in January 2013.

The Mayor's Office of Sustainability is seeking sustainability volunteers/interns (unpaid) for 2018 to focus on new climate and urban ecology programs. Please send an email with interest, availability and resume to

In February 2013, former Mayor Slay announced his Sustainability Action Agenda of 29 priority sustainability efforts for implementation by 2018. A City of St. Louis State of Sustainability Report 2013-2016 has been developed to indicate progress made on those 29 Action Agenda items.

STL Climate Initiative

April 2017: A Climate Action & Adaptation Plan for the City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan was developed by Mayor Slay's Office of Sustainability. It contains recommended mitigation strategies for achieving 80% reduction of GHG emissions by 2050, and strategies for being a healthy, resilient, equitable and prosperous community.  

In 2016, the City was recognized with a national City Energy Project award to promote energy efficiency in large buildings. In February 2017, the City passed energy benchmarking legislation targeting existing buildings with 50,000 sq ft. (#70474). The Building Division hosts an Energy Technical Advisor, who supports the City's benchmarking and City Energy Project efforts. Energy Benchmarking information and free training opportunities can be found at

In 2015, former Mayor Slay joined with other local government officials around the world in committing to the Compact of Mayors, and pledging to gather GHG data, set a climate protection target and develop climate plans. The full 2015 GHG Emissions Inventory Report is available, and a 2015 Community GHG inventory summary shows emission trends since 2005. 

The Mayor's Office of Sustainability and Swedish Embassy co-hosted Good Climate is Good Business in 2015 at CORTEX.  

Keeping up with Sustainability News

The City of St. Louis Sustainability Office communicates via website posts, periodic eNews mailings and Tweets from @GreeninSTL.

To receive electronic sustainability news, alerts and information, send an email to with "Subscribe to Sustainability eNews" in the subject line. 

Energy Efficiency Financing

In March 2017, former Mayor Slay announced an expansion of the 2013 Set The PACE St. Louis energy financing program. In addition to offering financing for commercial building owners in the City of St. Louis, the Set The PACE St. Louis program will soon be available for municipal and residential building owners who want to make energy efficiency, water efficiency, or renewable energy improvements on their buildings. A new Inclusion/Diversity program will include training and apprentice opportunities to minority/woman owned businesses. For more information visit[]

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Urban Monarch Conservation

2017 St. Louis Monarch Photo Contest: The Mayor's Office of Sustainability is holding a monarch photo contest. Details available in this flyer; entries due by Thanksgiving to be eligible for prizes.

Monarch Photo Contest

The Smithsonian & Your Monarch Garden: The City is coordinating with the Smithsonian Institution to collect and showcase stories/photos of monarch gardening. Share them with me ( before Thanksgiving and they will be included in a special book or exhibit.

Urban Monarch Grant Deliverables: The City's USFWS grant has concluded, and a final report is available with details. The Missouri Botanical Garden and Saint Louis Zoo led the City's effort to create 50 monarch gardens at schools in the City and develop an Educator Guide for school monarch gardens. 

St. Louis Riverfront Butterfly Byway: In May 2016, former Mayor Slay received the GRO1000 Gardens and Greenspaces Award and launched the St. Louis Riverfront Butterfly Byway at Bellerive Park. Additional monarch habitats in the Riverfront Butterfly Byway have been created at Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing and McKinley Bridge.  For information about next steps, please contact Brightside St. Louis.

Many more monarch gardening resources are available on the Milkweeds for Monarchs left tab.

Urban Vitality & Ecology

The City was designated a Biophilic City in March 2017. Numerous resources, including a new Connecting With Nature Map and associated Challenge are posted on the Urban Vitality & Ecology page at left.

Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative

The City's award-winning Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative was launched in 2013. Two initial efforts were creating version 1.0 of a Sustainable Neighborhood Toolkit and holding a Sustainable Neighborhood Small Grant Competition. Learn more about the Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative

STAR Community Rating

STAR Community Rating and certification mark

In June 2015, the City received a 3-Star rating from the STAR Community Rating system for sustainable communities.

Sustainability Media Galleries

Sustainability and the City

The City of St. Louis promotes sustainability in several ways, but is perhaps most visible in its efforts to capitalize on its dense area, existing infrastructure and rich heritage to preserve and restore buildings, many of which possess impressive historic features. Bicycle-friendly streets and widely available public transportation help decrease car usage, thereby reducing emissions and improving air quality. Sustainable practices such as low impact development and residential recycling are encouraged. The City also requires all new municipal buildings to meet energy efficiency and green building standards. With its Habitat for Humanity developments, St. Louis has one of the highest levels of LEED Platinum Homes in the country. St. Louis also ranks among the highest for historic building rehabilitations. The City has been successful in growing its population by revitalizing its downtown and diverse neighborhoods.

The City is moving forward with many important sustainability initiatives. Developing an overarching sustainability framework and climate action plan for the City are two examples of short-term efforts designed to have lasting, measurable impact. Increased emphasis is being placed on celebrating and communicating the sustainability successes of the City and its many partners, as well as expanding upon both current and prior successes in order for the City to become even more vibrant, sustainable and competitive in the years ahead.

The City developed an award-winning Sustainability Plan. The City started a robust public engagement effort in 2011, and issued a Draft For Public Review of its Sustainability Plan in October of 2012.  The City of St. Louis Sustainability Plan is both comprehensive and triple bottom line (economy, ecology, equity) in orientation. More information about the Plan and planning process can be found on the Sustainability Plan tab of this website. 

There have been 3 community-wide Mayor's Sustainability Summits since 2011 (view the program for the 2013 Mayor's Sustainability Summit III :: implement here)

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