Board Bill Voting Record for Alderman Sharon Tyus In Session 2024-2025

Ward 12 Alderman

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Board bill vote data is available for the 2015-2016 session and later.

40 board bills voted on
Date Board Bill Vote
05/17/24 BB 3
Speed Humps on the 1200 Block of Montclair Avenue
05/17/24 BB 9
Leasehold Revenue Refunding Bonds
05/17/24 BB 10
Airport Revenue Bonds
05/23/24 BB 4
Speed Humps Various Locations in the 8th Ward
Did Not Vote
05/23/24 BB 5
Speed Humps at Various Locations in the 11th Ward
Did Not Vote
05/23/24 BB 6
Four Way Stop at the Intersection of North Garrison Avenue and Locust Street
Did Not Vote
05/23/24 BB 8
City Parks Leasehold Improvement Dedicated Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2024
Did Not Vote
05/23/24 BB 18
Speed Humps 3600-4600 Blocks of Lee Avenue
Did Not Vote
05/23/24 BB 19
Speed Humps 4000 Block of Concordia Avenue
Did Not Vote
05/23/24 BB 22
Two-Way Stop Sign at the Intersection of Lee Avenue and Cora Avenue and the intersection of Lee Avenue and Dryden Avenue
Did Not Vote
05/23/24 BB 23
Grant from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF)
Did Not Vote
05/31/24 BB 21
TIP Projects-Construction for the Loughborough Ave. Bridge; Grand Drive Bridge and Traffic Management Enhancements Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. and 4th St.
06/07/24 BB 26
Closure 5800 Block of Cates Aevnue at Hamilton Avenue
06/07/24 BB 32
Honorary Street Name “On Leong Way”
06/14/24 BB 17
Zoning Change 930 Sidney Street
06/14/24 BB 27
Four-Way Stop Site at the Intersection of Grape Avenue and Tara Lane
06/14/24 BB 28
Speed Humps Various Locations 13th Ward
06/14/24 BB 31
St. Louis Works
06/14/24 BB 39
Speed Humps Various Blocks within the Seventh Ward
06/14/24 BB 40
U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Inflation Reduction Act Grant Program
06/14/24 BB 34
ARPA Funds Reallocations
06/28/24 BB 29
FIngerprint Based Background Check Requirements
06/28/24 BB 35
Speed Humps various Locations 14th Ward
06/28/24 BB 38
Stop Signs in Various Locations Within the 14th Ward.
06/28/24 BB 42
Temporary Easement 61 Ferry Street
06/28/24 BB 47
Public Works and Improvement Program at the Airport
06/28/24 BB 49
Change the Honorary Designation of the 4400 block of Washington Boulevard from "Rev. James Brown Sr. Boulevard” to “Rev. James Brown Sr. Avenue.”
06/28/24 BB 50
Airport Interim Financing Program
06/21/24 BB 24
Airport Use and Lease Agreement (“AUA”)
06/28/24 BB 45
Parking Division’s Annual Budget
06/28/24 BB 1
St. Louis City Annual Budget FY 2025
07/12/24 BB 51
Complete Streets
07/12/24 BB 11
Regulations for Attorney Access to City Correctional and Detention Facilities
Did Not Vote
07/12/24 BB 12
Certain Persons Access to City Correctional and Detention Facilities
Did Not Vote
07/12/24 BB 25
Speed Humps various Locations in the 2nd Ward
Did Not Vote
07/12/24 BB 53
Stop Signs various Locations 7th Ward
Did Not Vote
07/12/24 BB 55
Stop Signs Various Locations 1st Ward
Did Not Vote
07/12/24 BB 56
Transportation Trust Fund” to the Bi-State Development Agency
Did Not Vote
07/12/24 BB 36
Repealing Ordinance Numbers 56729 and 56579
Did Not Vote
07/12/24 BB 41
License Fee Per Occupied Room Per Day for Short Term Rental Properties
Did Not Vote

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