Posting Meetings and Meeting Materials

How to post meetings and meeting materials so they are easy for the public to find.


This tutorial assumes you already know the following:

  1. Logging in to CommonSpot
  2. Creating Pages in CommonSpot
  3. Creating Events and Meetings
  4. Page Index Element


The goal is to notify the public of upcoming meetings, for the public to easily learn the details about the meeting, and view and download related materials. In CommonSpot it requires:

  1. Creating a page and uploading the related PDF document(s)
  2. Creating a summary page that lists all meeting material pages
  3. Creating an event in the calendar with a link from the event page to the meeting agenda page.

The advantage to this approach is that the event on the calendar is easily viewed from the homepage, from the event page a user find the links to the agenda and other materials, and it leaves a permanent record of past meetings that is easy to find.

Step 1: Enter the meeting in the calendar

  • Login 
  • Click internal applications  and Select Calendar, Events and Meetings Admin 
  • Add New Event, complete the event form
  • In the Sponsor field make sure you select the Organization or Board sponsoring the event
  • You can create one meeting at a time or all known future meetings ahead of time
  • Update the calendar entry later after the meeting agenda page and pdf has been created.  Click on the agenda drop-down and find the meeting page associated with the event.

Step 2: Create the meeting page and upload the meeting agenda and related documents

  • Login 
  • Go the the your department or board documents folder 
  • Click 'new' and create a generic document page 
  • Name and title the page consistently each time 
  • After the page is created, upload the agenda document and other documents related to the meeting 
  • Save and logout

Step 3: Link agenda page to the meeting calendar entry

  • Login 
  • Click internal applications
  • Select Calendar, Events and Meetings Admin 
  • Click "Administer Internal Events' 
  • Find your Board Meeting in the list 
  • Click 'edit' 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the form and find the "Agenda" section 
  • Click on the Drop-down you will see your meeting agenda listed, select it. 
  • Click 'Update Event' 
  • Logout
The Agenda page is now linked from the Event page.

Step 4: Create a meeting summary page that lists all past meetings

  • Login 
  • Go the the your department or board website where your want your summary page to appear 
  • Click 'new' and create a page 
  • Name and title the page (i.e. My Department Meeting Materials)
  • Click to insert a element and select > Links & Lists Elements > Page Index
  • Format the filter to find the pages in your 'document' folders with content type 'Meeting Materials'
  • Save and Logout
The page will automatically list links to the meeting pages created.

Step 5: Promote the meeting

  • Use your department Twitter and Facebook account and promote the meeting
  • Go to the event detail page click on the social media icon of choice
  • Login to the social media account and post

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