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Municipal Court is migrating from Municourt to Missouri Case Net in 2024.

  • Cases filed on or after January 2, 2024, are on Missouri Case Net.
  • Cases filed before January 2, 2024, remain on our legacy system.
  • All open DWI/DUI cases (along with companion cases issued during the same stop) and leaving the scene cases, regardless of filing date, will be on Missouri Case Net.

Use the attorney guidelines below for both systems during this transition. Call (314) 622-3231 if you have questions after you have fully reviewed the guidelines.

General Filing Guidelines

Effective January 2, 2024 we cannot accept paper filings from attorneys (including warrant recall requests or requests for compliance orders in open cases) submitted at the window or to the courtroom clerk supervisor/coordinator. 

  • All filings in cases filed on or after January 2, 2024 must be made through e-Filing.
  • All filings in cases filed before January 2, 2024, must be made through

Filing Format Requirements

  • PDFs (saved from a word processing program, not scanned)
  • appropriately captioned to include case number(s) and defendant’s full name
  • The attorney signature block must contain
    • the attorney’s name
    • Missouri Bar number
    • mailing address
    • phone number
    • fax number
    • email address

It is the responsibility of the filer, not the court, to make any redactions of personal/sensitive information under Missouri Supreme Court Operating Rule 2, Public Access to Records, when filing or uploading documents.

Requests for Recommendation and/or Discovery

All requests for recommendations and all discovery requests must be sent directly to the City Counselor. The Court and the court clerks cannot forward these requests to the City Counselor under Missouri Supreme Court Minimum Operating Standards. Requests filed with the Court but not sent to the City Counselor will be disregarded.

You must serve the City Counselor via email at

Requests for Continuance

If you need a continuance, please file a written motion or request at least 5 working days before the scheduled court date, to allow adequate time to process your filing.

Do not allow the case to go warrant, and then seek a warrant recall due to failure to obtain a continuance. This makes more work for all involved and exposes your client to the risk of a warrant. Repeated and successive requests for warrant recalls without bond are disfavored.

The City Counselor cannot forward your requests for continuance to the Court, and cannot grant a request for continuance.

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