Defendant Resources

Policies, procedures, resources, and instructions for defendants

Case and Payment Information

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Appearing in Court

Municipal Court Cases Requiring Court Appearance
Cases that require appearance in court and cannot be paid in advance.

Municipal Court Dress Code
Dress Code for all who enter the court offices.

Municipal Court Information
Information for attorneys and defendants about court procedures, dress codes, requests and more.

Obtain a Compliance Letter
A Compliance Letter is needed when there is a hold on your license by the Missouri Department of Revenue

Request a New Trial (Trial De Novo)
Trial De Novo is your right to appeal for a new trial before an associate circuit judge when you have been found guilty.

Request Out of Town Docket
You can request placement on the Out of Town docket if you live outside the limits of the City of St. Louis.

Statement of Your Rights In Municipal Court
Statement of Your Rights In Municipal Court is available in English, Armenian, Bosnian, French, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Virtual Court
Most court sessions in the Municipal Division are virtual court dates. Learn how to tell whether your court date is a virtual session, how to attend a virtual session, and how to request an in-person court session.


Municipal Court Bond Information
Municipal Court bond forfeitures, refunds, unclaimed bonds, and how to use your bond refund to pay court costs.

Search for Municipal Court Unclaimed Funds
Unclaimed Municipal Court bond refunds are sent to the Missouri State Treasurer's Office, where you may claim them online.


Municipal Court Cancelling Warrants
Information on Cancelling Bench Warrants

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