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The Prop NS Program is the result of a citizens’ initiative to establish a dedicated fund for stabilizing, securing, and selling vacant residential buildings in the Land Reutilization Authority’s inventory, the City’s landbank of vacant properties.

Approved by voters on April 4, 2017, Proposition NS and the subsequent authorizing Ordinance 70956 approved by the Board of Aldermen direct the City to:

  1. issue and sell $40 Million general obligation bonds – with no more than $6 Million to be issued annually - for the purpose of stabilizing residential properties owned by the Land Reutilization Authority of the City of St. Louis; and
  2. market and sell these stabilized properties in a “simplified and efficient program”

These Ordinances limit the investment of Prop NS funds to no more than $30,000 per single family home or no more than $50,000 per 2-6-family building.

No more than 200 properties can be in the stabilization process or for sale at any given moment, so once the total reaches 200, no additional building will be taken on until one or more buildings are sold.


Step 1 : Identify Property

  1. Find buildings in your neighborhood that need to be stabilized. Document the full property address. Please note that each property will need to be nominated individually.
  2. Document the conditions of each property in written form. No more than one or two paragraphs please.

Step 2: Confirm Eligibility

Verify that the property is in the LRA inventory of available properties

  • Review the list of buildings that have been nominated for Prop NS stabilization, and check to see if the building you would like to nominate is already on the list. Multiple nominations of the same address will not improve its chances of being selected.
  • Search the online LRA available properties database,
    or download the current LRA “Improved Property List” of for-sale buildings.
  • If the property is NOT in the LRA inventory, but you would like to report the condition of the property to the Citizens Service Bureau (CSB), use the online form.

Step 3: Prepare Documentation for Nomination

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Property address as it is identified in the LRA Inventory Search.
  • Brief Description of the property condition.
  • Full contact information of the organization or individual submitting the nomination.
  • Information on the nominator and relationship to the property being nominated.
  • A bonus point for the nomination will be added to the selection criteria if 2 letters that demonstrate community support are submitted with this nomination. If this is possible, please collect letters in a form which can be uploaded. The letters can be uploaded through the confirmation page, which is displayed immediately following the completion of the online nomination. These letters can be from neighbors, the block unit, neighborhood association, other community-based organizations, the Alderman, etc.

Personal information will not be public and only used by program administrators for follow-up when necessary.


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There are no fees associated with submitting a nomination.

What to Expect

Property Analysis and Selection

Prop NS staff and inspectors from the City’s Building Division will use a simple and transparent analysis and rating system to determine which buildings will be selected for program stabilization, which will include objective structural analysis criteria informed by national best practices and with the assistance of the Cultural Resources Office (CRO), Planning and Urban Design Agency (PDA), other applicable City agencies, and local stakeholders (e.g. SLACO, etc.).

Once buildings have been determined to be eligible for consideration, selection of buildings for stabilization will be based on this community-informed rating system, which includes the following criteria:

  • building condition (25% of the total score);
  • block conditions (37.5% of the total score);
  • neighborhood factors, such as whether it's in a Promise Zone or Opportunity Zone or has an adopted neighborhood plan, or demonstrated community support in the form of support letters (12.5% of the total score);
  • proximity to amenities and/or services, such as parks, community centers, public transportation (12.5% of the total);
  • and historical significance, such as designation as historically significant building or a contributing building to an existing or possible historic district (12.5% of the total score).

Purchasing Prop NS-Stabilized Buildings

When buildings have been certified as completed (fully stabilized or stabilized to the fullest amount possible within the Prop NS funding limits), the buildings will be listed as available for prospective purchasers to submit offers to purchase on this site. Because these buildings will still need additional work to reach a condition that meets occupancy standards, LRA will still review all offers to ensure that purchasers have the necessary resources and capacity to bring buildings up to code.

Additional Information

Prop NS-stabilized properties do not qualify for the Dollar House Program. The Ordinance approved by the voters of the city on April 4, 2017 directs LRA to sell the properties “to the highest bidder” and the Cooperation Agreement governing the program calls for the use of LRA's standard pricing as a baseline in the sales process.

Prop NS-stabilized properties are not limited to certain neighborhoods. There are no geographic limits within the City of St. Louis.


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