Board Bills | Session 2023-2024

Board Bills

Board bill data is available for the 2005-2006 session and later.

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162 records
Board Bill Sponsor Ordinance
BB 1
Annual City Budget FY 2024
Megan E. Green 71660
BB 2
Zoning Change for 1525-29 S. Broadway and 1506 S. 7th Blvd.
Cara Spencer 71665
BB 3
ARPA Cares Senior Citizens Homeowners Grants
Laura Keys
BB 4
Homeland Security Grant for the St. Louis Fire Department
Joseph Vollmer 71662
BB 5
OD2A Grant Award to the St. Louis City Department of Health
Pam Boyd 71666
BB 6
General Obligation Bonds
Cara Spencer 71661
BB 7
Speed Humps Installed in the 5000 block of Cates Avenue, the 6000 block of Westminster Avenue, the 5800 and 5900 blocks of De Giverville Avenue, 5800 and 5900 blocks of Pershing Avenue, and the 4500, 4600, and 4700 blocks of Evans Avenue.
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71663
BB 8
Thirteenth Ward Liquor Control District
Pam Boyd 71664
BB 9
Two-Way Stop at Enright Avenue and Hamilton Avenue
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71667
BB 10
Memorandum of Agreement (“MOA”) between Southwest Airlines Co. (“Southwest”) and the City of St. Louis, Missouri
Shane Cohn 71671
BB 11
Fifth Amendment to Ordinance Number 65163
Shane Cohn 71672
BB 12
Fourth Amendment to Ordinance Number 67357
Shane Cohn 71673
BB 13
First Amendment to Ordinance Number 69870
Shane Cohn 71674
BB 14
First Amendment to Ordinance Number 70140
Shane Cohn 71675
BB 15
First Amendment to Ordinance Number 70617
Shane Cohn
BB 16
First Amendment to Ordinance Number 71005
Shane Cohn 71676
BB 17
Transfer of Certain Funds from the Airport Debt Service Stabilization Fund to the Airport Revenue Fund
Shane Cohn 71677
BB 18
Airport Lease Number 697DCM-20-L-00173
Shane Cohn 71678
BB 19
Outgrant License between United States of America, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”), and the City of St. Louis, Missouri
Shane Cohn 71679
BB 20
First Amendment to the Local Concept Food and Beverage Concession Agreement with OHM Concession Group, LLC
Shane Cohn 71680
BB 21
Prohibit Commercial Vehicle Traffic along Meramec Street from the west curb line of South Broadway to the east curb line of Grand Boulevard
Shane Cohn 71668
BB 22
County Jail Maintenance and Improvements Subaward Agreement
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71669
BB 24
Speed Humps 3500 block of Bingham Avenue, 3900 block Giles Avenue, 4700 block of Tennessee Avenue, 3200 Liberty Street, 4400 block South Spring Avenue, 4600 block South Spring Avenue, 3700 block of Neosho Street, 3700 block of Taft Avenue, 3400 block
Shane Cohn 71670
BB 25
Number not used this session
BB 26
Zoning Change 3600-18 Clarence Avenue; 4237, 4239 & 4241 Lexington Avenue; 4445 3605-07, 3609, 3615-17 Clarence Avenue; and 4307-09 & 4315 Lexington Avenue
Sharon Tyus 71708
BB 27
Honorary Street Naming for Ronald L. Jones Way
Laura Keys 71695
BB 28
Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Supplemental Grant
Rasheen Aldridge 71684
BB 29
Prohibiting Persons from Openly Carrying or Displaying Firearm
Cara Spencer 71717
BB 30
Amending Ordinance Number 68427
Sharon Tyus
BB 31
Honorary Street Name “Louligan Street”
Rasheen Aldridge 71709
BB 32
Number not used this session
BB 33
Short-Term Rentals
Bret Narayan 71729
BB 34
New City Revised Code Chapter 26.76 and Amending Revised Cods 26.08
Bret Narayan 71730
BB 35
Zoning Change 4910-12 Gravois Avenue
Anne Schweitzer 71681
BB 36
Bevo Mill Area Special Use District
Anne Schweitzer 71682
BB 37
North St. Louis Small Business and Non-Profit Grant Programs
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71696
BB 38
Speed Humps Installed in the 5800 block of Maple Avenue and the 1200 block of Euclid Avenue
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71697
BB 39
Gardenside Subdivision Special Business District Ballot Renewal
Joseph Vollmer 71698
BB 40
Gardenside Subdivision Special Business District Renewal
Joseph Vollmer 71699
BB 41
Construction of the Deer Creek Greenway
Bret Narayan 71700
BB 42
Contract agreement with the Missouri Association of Area Agencies
Pam Boyd 71723
BB 43
Zoning Codes Related to Construction and Occupancy of Accessory Dwelling Units
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 44
Surface Parking Lots
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 45
Chapter 99 for the North Grand Blvd./ Natural Bridge Ave./ North Florissant Ave./Cass Ave./ Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. Area.
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 46
Collector of Revenue Pay Bill
Anne Schweitzer 71685
BB 47
Civil Service Compensation Plan and Pay Bill
Cara Spencer 71686
BB 48
Recorder of Deeds Pay Bill
Laura Keys 71687
BB 49
Water Rates
Anne Schweitzer 71683
BB 50
License Collector's Office Annual Pay Bill
Sharon Tyus 71688
BB 51
City Public Transit Sales Tax Trust Fund – Account ONE Annual Appropriation
Shane Cohn 71704
BB 52
City Public Transit Sales Tax Trust Fund – Account TWO Annual Appropriation
Shane Cohn 71706
BB 53
Annual appropriation of the Transportation Sales Tax
Shane Cohn 71707
BB 54
Parking Division Annual Pay Bill
Anne Schweitzer 71689
BB 55
Treasurer’s Office Annual Pay Bill
Anne Schweitzer 71690
BB 56
$7.00 Surcharge for State Court Automation
Bret Narayan 71710
BB 57
Sheriff’s Office Annual Pay Bill
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71691
BB 58
Property Assessment Clean Energy Act
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 59
Program Providing Access to Legal Representation for Tenants Facing Eviction or Equivalent Proceedings
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71694
BB 60
Streamlining the Liquor License Application Process
Bret Narayan
BB 61
Number not used this session
BB 62
Board of Public Service (BPS) Multiple Public Works Projects
Anne Schweitzer 71701
BB 63
Circuit Attorney's Office Pay Bill
Cara Spencer 71693
BB 64
St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners Pay Bill
Anne Schweitzer 71702
BB 65
Parking Division Annual Budget FY2023-2024
Anne Schweitzer 71692
BB 66
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the 4923-4949 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. Redevelopment Area
Sharon Tyus 71719
BB 67
Two-Way Stop Site at the Crosswalk on Canterbury Avenue just west of the intersection of Canterbury Avenue and Tremont Avenue
Bret Narayan 71703
BB 68
YouthBuild Grant
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71705
BB 69
Health Department Public Health Crisis Response Grant
Pam Boyd 71711
BB 70
Two-Way Stop Site at the Intersection of Macklind Avenue and Botanical Avenue
Joseph Vollmer 71712
BB 71
Grant Agreement with the Missouri Secretary of State
Daniela Velazquez 71720
BB 72
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the 4221-4227 Forest Park Ave. Redevelopment Area
Michael Browning 71721
BB 73
Conditionally Vacate an Alley in City Block 1564 as bounded by Cherokee, Jefferson, Potomac and Texas
Alisha Sonnier 71713
BB 74
Employees Retirement System of the City of St. Louis
Cara Spencer 71714
BB 75
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the Marquette Park Scattered Sites Redevelopment Area
Shane Cohn 71722
BB 76
Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Clayton and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission
Joseph Vollmer 71715
BB 77
Zoning Change for 3800, 3802-04 and 3808 Laclede Avenue
Laura Keys 71716
BB 78
Zoning Change for 3728 Market Street
Laura Keys
BB 79
Speed umps on the 4000 block of Hartford Street, 3700 block of Gustine Avenue, 3500 block of Giles Avenue, 3200 block of Hawthorne Boulevard, 3400 block of Hawthorne Boulevard, 3200 block of Longfellow Boulevard and 3400
Daniela Velazquez
BB 80
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the 3417 Louisiana Ave. Redevelopment Area
Alisha Sonnier 71725
BB 81
Property Tax Deferral Program for Senior Homeowners
Cara Spencer
BB 82
Officers of the City of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to Identify Themselves
Rasheen Aldridge 71718
BB 83
Retention of Employees Performing Janitorialbuilding, Maintenance, and Security Services under Contracts
Anne Schweitzer
BB 84
2021 Assistance- to Firefighters Grant Agreement with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Joseph Vollmer
BB 85
Fanning School Residential Parking District
Daniela Velazquez
BB 86
Number not used this session
BB 87
Repealing Section 2.08.010 of the City’s Code Concerning the Nomination of Candidates for the Offices of Mayor, Comptroller, President of the Board of Aldermen, and Aldermen
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 88
Ground Lease and Development Agreement Between the City of St. Louis and the Boeing Company
Shane Cohn 71724
BB 89
Directs the Director of Airports and Comptroller of the City to execute the First Amendment to the Concession Agreement with Avendco, LLC (AL-252)
Shane Cohn 71726
BB 90
Making Defacing a Firearm and Possession of a Defaced Firearm a City Ordinance Violation
Daniela Velazquez
BB 91
Creating the Municipal offense of Unlawful Possession, Manufacture, Transport, Repair, or Sale of Certain Weapons
Tom Oldenburg
BB 92
Conditional Vacation of an Alley Bounded by Schollmeyer, Macklind and Loughborough
Tom Oldenburg 71727
BB 93
Amending Ordinance Number 71430 and Ordinance Number 71647 related to the Civilian Oversight and Detention Facilities Oversight Boards
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 94
installation of Speed Humps in the 5600 and 5700 Blocks of Dewey Avenue.
Anne Schweitzer 71728
BB 95
Amending Portions of Ordinance Number 55516, Ordinance Number 71104, Ordinance Number 70502, Ordinance Number 65483, and Ordinance Number 59569
Alisha Sonnier
BB 96
Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm
Pamela Boyd
BB 97
Number not used this session
BB 98
OD2A Five Year Grant Award to the St. Louis Department of Health
Pamela Boyd
BB 99
PHIG Grant Award to the St. Louis Department of Health
Pamela Boyd 71731
BB 100
Speed Humps various Locations in the Soulard Neighborhood
Cara Spencer 71732
BB 101
Tenants Right to Repair
Alisha Sonnier
BB 102
Speed Humps Various Locations in the 14th Ward
Rasheen Aldridge 71733
BB 103
Residential Landlord-Tenant Relations - Evictions
Michael Browning
BB 104
Fair Scheduling
Daniela Velazquez
BB 105
Automated Camera Enforcement Act
Shane Cohn
BB 106
Neighborhood Traffic Safety Improvement Fund
Shane Cohn
BB 107
Prohibit the Open Carrying of Firearms
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 108
Number not used this session
BB 109
Medical Examiner's Employee Pay Plan
Cara Spencer
BB 110
Airport Special Facilities Revenue Bonds
Shane Cohn
BB 111
Airport “Display Advertising Concession Agreement”
Shane Cohn
BB 112
Supplemental Appropriation to the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2024
Shane Cohn
BB 113
Airport “Banking Concession Agreement”
Shane Cohn
BB 114
Requirements related to Meal Periods and Rest Breaks for Employees
Bret Narayan
BB 115
Conditionally Vacate and Alley bounded by McGirk Street, 11th Street, Lynch Street and 12th Street
Cara Spencer
BB 116
Grant Agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation and St. Louis Police Department
Tom Oldenburg
BB 117
Ordinance related to Violation of Unlawful Possession of a Handgun by a Minor
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 118
Three-Way Stop Site at the Intersection of Clara Avenue and Pershing Avenue
Shameem Clark Hubbard 71734
BB 119
Creating theMmunicipal Offense of “Unlawful Possession of Weapons
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 120
Creating the Municipal Offense of “Unlawful Transfer of Weapons
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 121
Speed Humps to Calm the flow of Traffic on Various Blocks of the First Ward
Anne Schweitzer 71735
BB 122
Conditionally Vacate Selber Court from Goodfellow Ave. West to its Terminus
Pamela Boyd
BB 123
Amending Ordinance Number 70794 2018 International Building Code
Cara Spencer
BB 124
Two-Way Stop Site at the intersection of Brannon Avenue and Lindenwood Avenue
Joseph Vollmer
BB 125
Speed Humps various Locations in the 5th Ward
Joseph Vollmer
BB 126
Equal Rights for the Unhoused
Alisha Sonnier
BB 127
Special Residential Use Zoning
Alisha Sonnier
BB 128
Amending the Zoning Code
Alisha Sonnier
BB 129
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the 400 South 14th St. Redevelopment Area
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 130
Eminent Domain and Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the Locust St./ North 6th St./ Pine St./ North 7th St. Redevelopment Area
Cara Spencer
BB 131
2024 Community Development Block Grant (“CDBG”)
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 132
Grant Agreement with the United States Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing
Tom Oldenburg
BB 133
Deed to ARTCO
Cara Spencer
BB 134
Lease Agreement between The City of St. Louis, Missouri (the “City”) and Watco Transloading, L.L.C.
Cara Spencer
BB 135
(CAFFE) Program Grant Funds
Bret Narayan
BB 136
Third Amendment to Cargo Facility Lease Agreement
Shane Cohn
BB 137
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the 4132 South Compton Ave. Redevelopment Area
Shane Cohn
BB 138
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the 3041 Locust Blvd. Redevelopment Area
Laura Keys
BB 139
Grant for Youth Internships for the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 140
Alley Vacation Bounded by Delmar, 21st St. Lucas and 22nd St.
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 141
Property Tax Credit to Freeze Property Tax Rates for Eligible Seniors
Anne Schweitzer
BB 142
Conditionally Vacate the Triangular Shaped Excess Portion of Southeast Corner of Eleventh St. and Lucas Ave.
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 143
Amending Ordinance Number 71393, Ordinance Number 71504 and Ordinance Number 71554
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 144
Firefighter Retirement System
Bret Narayan
BB 145
Speed Humps 5000 Block of Beacon Avenue
Pamela Boyd
BB 146
Firemen’s Retirement System Board of Trustees
Bret Narayan
BB 147
John Cochran VA Hospital Conditional Street Vacation
Laura Keys
BB 148
Speed Humps Various lOcations 11th Ward
Laura Keys
BB 149
“Janssen Settlement Agreement”
Pamela Boyd
BB 150
Conditionally Vacate Atlantic Street
Laura Keys
BB 151
Increasing the Maximum Fine for Violations of Ordinances Regarding Controlled Substances and narcotic drugs,
Tom Oldenburg
BB 152
Missouri ARPA Industrial Site Development Grant Program Funds
Shane Cohn
BB 153
Conditionally Vacate Clarence Avenue from Natural Bridge Avenue to Lexington Avenue
Sharon Tyus
BB 154
Repeals Sections 11.60.250, 11.60.200, and 11.60.250 of the City of St. Louis Revised Code of Ordinances
Tom Oldenburg
BB 155
Community Project Funding
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 156
Conditionally Vacate Incinerator Road from East Grand Avenue
Rasheen Aldridge
BB 157
Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) Funds
Shameem Clark Hubbard
BB 158
Liquor Control District 12th Ward
Sharon Tyus
BB 159
Speed Humps at Various Locations in the 1st Ward
Anne Schweitzer
BB 160
Amending Police and Fire Pay
Cara Spencer
BB 161
Establishing Requirements for Locating Comprehensive or Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facilities
Cara Spencer
BB 162
Redevelopment Plan for the 3101-3115 South Jefferson Ave. and 2614-2624 Arsenal St. Redevelopment Area
Alisha Sonnier
BB 163
Eleventh Ward Liquor Control District
Laura Keys

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