Neighborhoods of the City of St. Louis

Links to profiles for all of the City's 79 Neighborhoods.

A City of Neighborhoods

St. Louis has 79 different neighborhoods, each with its own distinctive style and characteristics. Many of these neighborhoods have very active community organizations and associations. Some are on the rebound, while others have remained stable for decades, and still others are striving for renewal. 

A variety of sources for information about neighborhoods exist, both on and off this website. None of these sources include everything there is to know about a neighborhood, but by putting together information from each of these sources, one may get a sense of the incredible variety of lifestyles available in the diverse neighborhoods of the City of St. Louis.

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The Planning and Urban Design Agency offers free printable PDF maps for each neighborhood.


jarek test news
| Board of Public Service | 09/12/2018

Matt P Test News
| Board of Public Service | 09/12/2018

On the Map: Charlton H. Tandy & Tandy Park
Located in the Ville neighborhood, Tandy Park is named for Charlton H. Tandy, a Civil War veteran and tireless crusader for civil rights in St. Louis
News/Announcement | Office of the Mayor,Division of Parks | 08/15/2018

On the Map: The Griot Museum of Black History and Culture
This edition of On the Map focuses on the Griot Museum of Black History and Culture, a unique collection of artifacts and exhibits.
News/Announcement | Office of the Mayor,Planning & Urban Design Agency | 10/18/2018

On the Map: Vaughn Cultural Center
This month we focus on the Vaughn Cultural Center, an important institution that educates the St. Louis community about black history and culture.
News/Announcement | Office of the Mayor,Planning & Urban Design Agency | 09/20/2018

Public Notice 2018 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Application Public Hearing
| Department of Public Safety | 08/01/2018

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