Board Bills In Session 2017-2018

Legislation introduced by Aldermen in the form of bills.

Board bill data is available for the 2005-2006 session and later.

BB #: All
270 records
Board Bill Sponsor Ordinance
BB 1
Budget FY 17/18
Lewis E Reed 70540
BB 2
Airport 2007 Refunding Bonds
Marlene E Davis 70541
BB 3
Sale of 3699 Market Street
Joseph D Roddy 70575
BB 4
Rezoning of 6510 Mitchell
Scott Ogilvie 70554
BB 5
Text to amend Zoning Code
Jack Coatar 70555
BB 6
Rezoning 11050 and 11110 Riverview
Dionne Flowers 70556
BB 7
Establishing Lighthouse St. Louis Area Special Use District
Dionne Flowers 70557
BB 8
Dutchtown CID
Shane Cohn 70559
BB 9
Ordinance requiring reporting on solitary confinement
Joseph Vaccaro 70581
BB 10
Liquor Moratorium in Ward 1
Sharon Tyus 70558
BB 11
Community benefits agreement for tax incentivized real estate projects
Lewis E Reed
BB 13
Ordinance establishing Neosho & Adkins 3-way stop
Carol Howard 70542
BB 14
Citizen Commission Reduction/Reformation of the Board of Aldermen
Shane Cohn
BB 15
Establishing three-way stop at Hoffman and Clifton
Scott Ogilvie 70543
BB 16
Establishing three-way stop at Berthold and Graham
Scott Ogilvie 70544
BB 17
Street name change between Semple & Arlington to Rev. Reginald D. Rogers
Jeffrey L Boyd 70552
BB 18
City Foundry TIF Note
Joseph D Roddy 70582
BB 19
Redevelopment plan for 3827 Shaw Blvd
Marlene E Davis 70561
BB 20
Redevelopment plan for 1301-03 S. Boyle
Joseph D Roddy 70562
BB 21
Redevelopment plan for 4427 Chouteau
Joseph D Roddy 70583
BB 22
Redevelopment plan for 4401 Gibson
Joseph D Roddy 70563
BB 23
Redevelopment plan for 4443 Oakland
Joseph D Roddy 70564
BB 24
Vacation of the alley at Penrose, Broadway, Angelica and I-70
Dionne Flowers 70546
BB 25
Rezoning 2801-2803 Magnolia
Christine Ingrassia 70685
BB 26
Zoning change for 2809-2811-13 Magnolia
Christine Ingrassia 70686
BB 27
Lease agreement Enterprise Leasing
Marlene E Davis 70547
BB 28
Concession agreement with Air Pod Terminal Services
Marlene E Davis 70548
BB 29
Lease agreement with Ameren - Mo
Marlene E Davis 70549
BB 30
Ordinance establishing 3-way stop at Taylor and Kennerly
Samuel L Moore 70550
BB 31
Ordinance to Join Clean Energy Act
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 32
Vacation of alley at Papin, Sarah Chouteau, and Talmage
Joseph D Roddy 70553
BB 33
Stop sign at Chippewa & Marine
Cara Spencer 70551
BB 34
Buffer zone for health care facilities
Christine Ingrassia
BB 35
Stolen car towing fee
Joseph Vaccaro 70569
BB 36
Basketball courts in Forest Park
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 37
Ordinance regarding Confederate Memorials
Sharon Tyus
BB 38
Ordinance amending tax abatement for 1513-23 S. Compton and 3201-27 St. Vincent
Marlene E Davis 70584
BB 39
Parking Division operating expenses
Jeffrey L Boyd 70567
BB 40
Ordinance amending parking fines
Joseph Vaccaro 70751
BB 41
Redevelopment plan for 2607 California
Christine Ingrassia 70565
BB 42
Street closing on Mardel west of Hampton Avenue
Joseph Vaccaro 70560
BB 43
Forsyth Associates Community Improvement District
Marlene E Davis 70585
BB 44
Ordinance amending the petition to establish the 14th & Market CID
Jack Coatar 70566
BB 45
Ordinance approving the petition to establish the City Foundry CID
Joseph D Roddy 70586
BB 46
Redevelopment plan for Taylor, Delmar, Page, Kingshighway
Terry Kennedy 70587
BB 47
Real Estate tax abatement for 2325 Ann
Jack Coatar 70588
BB 48
Excise Commissioner's discretion to revoke liquor license in the 25th Ward
Shane Cohn
BB 49
Redevelopment plan for 3904 Folsom
Marlene E Davis 70589
BB 50
Quit Claim for 1920 S. Kingshighway
Stephen Conway 70568
BB 51
FY17 Capital Improvement Projects
Marlene E Davis 70570
BB 52
Animal control bill
Cara Spencer 70608
BB 53
Ordinance to move St. Louis National Night Out
Carol Howard 70609
BB 54
Ordinance to issue Taxable Industrial Bonds
Joseph Vollmer 70590
BB 55
Transit Sales Tax 1994
Stephen Conway 70576
BB 56
Transit Sales Tax 1997
Stephen Conway 70577
BB 57
Transportation Sales Tax 2017-2018
Stephen Conway 70578
BB 58
Ordinance pertaining to Payroll Expense Tax
Stephen Conway
BB 59
Ordinance relating to Solid Waste Service fee
Stephen Conway 70579
BB 60
Ordinance relating to Public Safety
Stephen Conway 70580
BB 61
Ordinance regarding Community Benefits Agreements
Megan E. Green
BB 62
Vacation of alley at Eitman, Sulphur, Columbia and Clifton Park Terrace
Scott Ogilvie 70591
BB 63
Vacation of alley at bounded by Hickory, Grattan, Park and Dolman
Jack Coatar 70592
BB 64
Redevelopment plan for 4025 Shreve
John Collins-Muhammad 70593
BB 65
Vacation of alley at Carter, Grand, Penrose, Obear
Brandon Bosley 70594
BB 66
Ordinance regarding use of surveillance technology
Terry Kennedy
BB 67
6300 Clayton TIF Plan
Scott Ogilvie 70595
BB 68
6300 Clayton TIf Agreement
Scott Ogilvie 70596
BB 69
6300 Clayton TIF Note
Scott Ogilvie 70597
BB 70
Municipal Courts Bldg Hotel TIF Plan
Stephen Conway 70598
BB 71
Municipal Courts Bldg TIF Agreement
Stephen Conway 70599
BB 72
Municipal Courts Bldg Hotel TIF Note
Stephen Conway 70600
BB 73
Honorary street name change to Justine M. Petersen Pathway
Marlene E Davis 70601
BB 74
Redevelopment plan for Cook & Finney Scattered Sites
Terry Kennedy 70602
BB 75
Redevelopment plan for 3118 Watson Road
Joseph Vaccaro 70603
BB 76
Redevelopment plan for 1956 Utah
Dan Guenther 70627
BB 77
Redevelopment plan for 2918 Wyoming
Dan Guenther 70628
BB 78
Redevelopment plan for 2821 Texas
Dan Guenther 70629
BB 79
Redevelopment plan for 3021 Texas
Dan Guenther 70630
BB 80
Ordinance establishing 4-way stop at Oregon and Cherokee
Cara Spencer 70571
BB 81
Ordinance establishing 4-way stop at Potomac and Louisiana
Cara Spencer 70572
BB 82
Vacation of Clifton at Columbia
Scott Ogilvie 70604
BB 83
Sale of 1320 Market to MCB Hotel Owner LLC
Stephen Conway 70605
BB 84
Renaming O'Fallon Park to York Park
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 85
Ordinance prohibiting the sale of paraphernalia for cannabis
Pam Boyd
BB 86
Ordinance for regulation and control of air pollution
Cara Spencer 70607
BB 87
Ordinance prohibiting illegal evictions
Terry Kennedy 70624
BB 88
Ordinance prohibiting liquor in 3rd Ward
Brandon Bosley 70573
BB 89
Ordinance authorizing contract for sale of property
Stephen Conway 70612
BB 90
Ordinance regarding development plans for Madison Acres Area
Brandon Bosley 70574
BB 91
Ordinance pertaining to income exempt from earnings tax
Sharon Tyus
BB 92
Ordinance pertaining to the Parking Meter Fund
Jeffrey L Boyd 70611
BB 93
Ordinance making supplemental appropriation to the Annual Budget
Lewis E Reed 70606
BB 94
Honorary street name change to Terry 'Chip' Jones Way
John Collins-Muhammad 70610
BB 95
Hunter Engineering Lease Agreement
Marlene E Davis 70613
BB 96
Quit Claim for 910 S. 4th Street
Jack Coatar 70676
BB 97
Transfer of Liquor License
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 98
Amending code to add protection for homeless
Megan E. Green
BB 99
Collection of funds for prevention of domestic violence
Lewis E Reed 70746
BB 100
Redevelopment plan for 5219 Daggett
Joseph Vollmer 70631
BB 101
Redevelopment plan for 3172 Morganford
Megan E. Green 70680
BB 102
Marlene E Davis 70614
BB 103
Deaconess Foundation Project Zoning Change
Terry Kennedy 70638
BB 104
Zoning change for 4115 N. Broadway, 815-817 Angelica
Lewis E Reed 70639
BB 105
2647-49 & 2651-2653 Locust
Christine Ingrassia 70687
BB 106
Rezoning for NGA
Tammika Hubbard 70640
BB 107
Air Service Incentive Program
Marlene E Davis 70615
BB 108
Air Service Incentive Program Funding
Marlene E Davis 70616
BB 109
CIP Airfield, Building and Environs Projects
Marlene E Davis 70617
BB 110
Supplemental Agreement to Airport Aid Agreement
Marlene E Davis 70618
BB 111
Airport Aid Agreement With Mo. Highways and Transportation Commission.
Marlene E Davis 70619
BB 112
First Amendment to Wi-Fi and Distributed Antenna System
Marlene E Davis 70620
BB 113
Street name change S. Sgt. Ron Bozikis
Larry Arnowitz 70621
BB 114
Bi Annual Conflict of Interest Policy
Lewis E Reed 70622
BB 115
Renaming Parkland Park to Frank Williamson Sr. Park
Frank Williamson 70641
BB 116
Redevelopment plan for 3830 & 3831 Boulevard Hgts
Larry Arnowitz 70632
BB 117
Payroll Tax Public Safety
Megan E. Green
BB 118
Vacate Chouteau at Sarah
Joseph D Roddy 70623
BB 119
City Works Now
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 120
Consistent sidewalk square replacement
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 121
4-way stop at Hartford and Morganford
Megan E. Green 70633
BB 122
Use Tax Supplemental Appropriation
Stephen Conway 70625
BB 123
Block Grant Bill
Joseph D Roddy 70642
BB 124
Ordinance repealing ordinance 6900 pertaining to liquor licenses in the Third Ward
Brandon Bosley 70678
BB 125
Ordinance repealing Ordinance 70573 pertaining to liquor licenses in the 27th Ward
Pam Boyd 70670
BB 126
Agreement with MSD sharing water data
Christine Ingrassia 70702
BB 127
Establishing speed bumps in O'Fallon Park
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 128
Establishing Detention Facility Advisory Commission
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 129
Ordinance banning horses on public streets
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 130
Ordinance pertaining to Scottrade Center
Cara Spencer
BB 131
Honorary street name - Elder Bennie Lee Thompson Street
Marlene E Davis 70634
BB 132
Establishing the Office of Community Mediation
Carol Howard 70681
BB 133
Vacation of Primm St. from Reilly westwardly
Sarah Martin 70635
BB 134
Ordinance pertaining to First Amendment Rights of Protection
Megan E. Green
BB 135
Service agreement with Complete Auto Body and Repair
Marlene E Davis 70626
BB 136
Ordinance pertaining to Leases on the Wharf
Marlene E Davis 70636
BB 137
Ordinance pertaining to Residential Disabled Parking
Megan E. Green 70643
BB 138
Cortex Bill approving the Fifth Supplemental Trust Indenture
Joseph D Roddy 70690
BB 139
Street name change to Norma Leggett Lane
Samuel L Moore 70637
BB 140
Redevelopment plan for 5335 Gilson
Carol Howard 70644
BB 141
Zoning change for 4000-4100 blocks of Chouteau
Joseph D Roddy 70688
BB 142
Redevelopment plan for 4400-44 and 4401-03 Red Bud
John Collins-Muhammad 70682
BB 143
Redevelopment plan for 5345 Daggett
Joseph Vollmer 70645
BB 144
Redevelopment plan for 3442-44 California
Cara Spencer 70646
BB 145
Redevelopment plan for St. Ferdinand Phase II Redevelopment Area
Samuel L Moore 70647
BB 146
Redevelopment plan for 4100-4798 and 4101-4799 W. Natural Bridge
John Collins-Muhammad 70683
BB 147
Redevelopment plan for 4131 Flora Place
Stephen Conway 70648
BB 148
Redevelopment plan for 4212 Botanical
Stephen Conway 70649
BB 149
Redevelopment plan for 3931 Russell
Stephen Conway 70650
BB 150
Redevelopment plan for 2806-12 Locust
Christine Ingrassia 70651
BB 151
Redevelopment plan for 6755, 6767, 6769 Nashville
Scott Ogilvie 70652
BB 152
Redevelopment plan for 1416-18 Union
Frank Williamson 70653
BB 153
Redevelopment plan for 2330-32 S. 12th Street
Jack Coatar 70654
BB 154
Redevelopment plan for 2263-65 Indiana
Jack Coatar 70655
BB 155
Redevelopment plan for 3422 Oregon
Cara Spencer 70656
BB 156
Redevelopment plan amended for 3922-68, 3919-29 and 3939-67 Lincoln
Samuel L Moore 70657
BB 157
Redevelopment plan for 3325 Wisconsin
Dan Guenther 70658
BB 158
Redevelopment plan for 1302 Boyle
Joseph D Roddy 70659
BB 159
Redevelopment plan for 1001-03 Russell
Jack Coatar 70660
BB 160
Redevelopment plan for 2222 Menard
Jack Coatar 70661
BB 161
Redevelopment plan for 4170-74 Manchester
Joseph D Roddy 70662
BB 162
Redevelopment plan for 4211, 4219, and 4235-39 Chouteau
Joseph D Roddy 70663
BB 163
Redevelopment plan for 4330-4337 Gibson and 4210 Chouteau
Joseph D Roddy 70664
BB 164
Redevelopment plan for 4310-20 Vista
Joseph D Roddy 70665
BB 165
Redevelopment plan for 1115-23 S. Newstead
Joseph D Roddy 70666
BB 166
Redevelopment plan for 3441-51 Juniata
Stephen Conway 70667
BB 167
Stop sign for Piccadilly
Scott Ogilvie 70671
BB 168
Ordinance repealing ordinance 70475 Whistleblower Law
Carol Howard
BB 169
Ordinance relating to urban agriculture
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 170
Ordinance closing 4400 Red Bud
John Collins-Muhammad 70679
BB 171
Ordinance pertaining to Semiannual registration fee for buildings
Cara Spencer 70752
BB 172
Quit Claim for Botanical Heights 4223 Gibson
Joseph D Roddy 70731
BB 173
Redevelopment plan for 2809 Belt
Jeffrey L Boyd 70668
BB 174
Supplemental appropriation to the Annual Budget
Lewis E Reed 70703
BB 175
706 Market TIF
Jack Coatar
BB 176
Safe and Thriving St. Louis Project
Larry Arnowitz 70669
BB 177
Ordinance regarding Civilian Oversight Board
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 178
Ordinance establishing a 3-way stop at Missouri and Ann
Jack Coatar
BB 179
Ordinance establishing a 4-way stop at Bancroft & Prather
Joseph Vaccaro 70672
BB 180
Ordinance to amend marijuana laws
Megan E. Green
BB 181
Ordinance amending Redevelopment plan for Eleventh, Clark, 8th, Poplar
Jack Coatar 70718
BB 182
Transfer of money from Debt Service Stabilizing Fund to Airport Dev. Fund
Marlene E Davis
BB 183
Amendment to the Airfield Building and Environs Project
Marlene E Davis
BB 184
Ordinance authorizing local concept restaurant concession
Marlene E Davis
BB 185
Redevelopment plan for 3420 California
Cara Spencer 70684
BB 186
Grand Center Bill
Marlene E Davis 70747
BB 187
LRA property sales
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 188
Ordinance to terminate the Orpheum Theater CID
Jack Coatar
BB 189
Zoning change for 2505 N. Sarah
Samuel L Moore 70712
BB 190
Ordinance pertaining to Parking Meter Fund
Jeffrey L Boyd 70700
BB 191
Forest Park Southeast Form-Based District
Joseph D Roddy 70732
BB 192
Revocation of Special Use District
Joseph D Roddy 70719
BB 193
An ordinance pertaining to unlawful possession of marijuana
Lewis E Reed 70709
BB 194
Ordinance repealing employee residency requirement
Carol Howard
BB 195
Redevelopment plan for 2001-2003 Ann Av.
Jack Coatar 70691
BB 196
Redevelopment plan for 4121 Russell Blvd.
Stephen Conway 70692
BB 197
Redevelopment plan for 7500 - 7518 South Broadway
Sarah Martin 70693
BB 198
Redevelopment plan for 5231 - 5233 Shaw & 5239 - 5241 Shaw
Joseph Vollmer 70694
BB 199
Redevelopment plan for 4601 South Broadway
Dan Guenther 70695
BB 200
TIF bill regarding the termination of two special allocation funds
Joseph D Roddy 70696
BB 201
Ordinance regarding TIF plans
Joseph D Roddy 70697
BB 202
Ordinance closing traffic on Sullivan from Grand Avenue
Brandon Bosley 70689
BB 203
Ordinance establishing a public works project
Jeffrey L Boyd 70704
BB 204
Redevelopment plan for 1020 Union/5251 Cates
Frank Williamson 70753
BB 205
Redevelopment plan for 2400-22 N. Sarah and 4056-58 St. Ferdinand
Samuel L Moore 70720
BB 206
Redevelopment plan for 5122-24 Kensington
Terry Kennedy 70721
BB 207
Dissolution of the East Loop/Parkview Gardens Special Business District
Heather Navarro 70733
BB 208
Transfer of funds to the Airport Development Fund
Marlene E Davis 70698
BB 209
2nd Amendment to the Fuel System Lease
Marlene E Davis 70699
BB 210
Agreement with ABM Parking Services
Marlene E Davis 70734
BB 211
zoning change for 3306 Wisconsin
Dan Guenther 70713
BB 212
Sheriff Department pay bill
Lewis E Reed 70714
BB 213
Redevelopment plan for 1216-1218 Kraft
Scott Ogilvie 70722
BB 214
Redevelopment plan for 4200-98 & 4201-99 Harris
John Collins-Muhammad 70723
BB 215
3-way stop at Devanshire and Childress
Tom Oldenburg 70705
BB 216
Ordinance regarding business license regulations
Jeffrey L Boyd
BB 217
Ordinance pertaining to the Zoning Code
Jack Coatar
BB 218
Ordinance regarding the regulation of bike sharing
Scott Ogilvie 70710
BB 219
NGA Protection Special Use District
Brandon Bosley
BB 220
Redevelopment plan or Locust St./Jefferson area
Christine Ingrassia 70766
BB 221
Ordinance establishing EQH Market St. CID
Christine Ingrassia 70735
BB 222
Ordinance establishing the Annual Public Safety Plan
Lewis E Reed 70755
BB 223
Redevelopment plan for 5522 Delmar
Frank Williamson 70724
BB 224
Sale to UE d/b/a Ameren Mo.
Marlene E Davis 70706
BB 225
1st amendment to the agreement with Signature Flight Support
Marlene E Davis 70707
BB 226
1st amendment to the agreement with MHS Travel & Charter
Marlene E Davis 70701
BB 227
Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant
Larry Arnowitz 70708
BB 228
Redevelopment plan for 701-705 N. 1st Street
Jack Coatar 70725
BB 229
Redevelopment plan for 3450 Oregon
Cara Spencer 70726
BB 230
Redevelopment plan for 3024 Potomac
Cara Spencer 70727
BB 231
Redevelopment plan for 3548 S. Broadway
Cara Spencer 70728
BB 232
Ordinance regarding the boundaries of the Port Authority
Marlene E Davis
BB 233
Ordinance amending Civilian Oversight Board Bill
Pam Boyd 70756
BB 234
Ordinance establishing Independent Investigations Unit
Brandon Bosley
BB 235
Street name change to Pastor Steven Shepard Lane
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 236
Four-way stop at Clifton and Oleatha
Joseph Vaccaro 70711
BB 237
Street name change to Patricia Breeze Campbell Way
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 238
Redevelopment plan for 6132 & 7600 Vermont
Sarah Martin 70729
BB 239
Zoning change for 4231 - 41 N. Grand
Brandon Bosley 70757
BB 240
Public Improvement Bonds
Frank Williamson 70715
BB 241
Collection of fines assessed by the Building Commission
Christine Ingrassia 70736
BB 242
Enforcement of Code Violations
Christine Ingrassia 70737
BB 243
Ordinance regarding public meetings calendar
Cara Spencer 70716
BB 244
honorary street name, Bismarck Street will begin at the intersection of Barton Street and 7th Street and run north on 7th Street to Lami Street
Jack Coatar 70738
BB 245
SLDC to complete an annual City Economic Growth Strategy Report
Lewis E Reed 70748
BB 246
Additional sales tax and use tax established by Ord 7058
Tom Oldenburg 70739
BB 247
Redevelopment Plan for Forest Park Scattered Sites V
Joseph D Roddy 70730
BB 248
authorizing and directing the issuance and delivery of one or more series of tax increment revenue notes (St. Louis Innovation District/RPA 3 Redevelopment Project) Series A, Series B, and Series C
Joseph D Roddy 70740
BB 249
adopting and approving redevelopment projects for Redevelopment Project Area 3, as described in the Amended and Restated St. Louis Innovation District Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Plan;
Joseph D Roddy 70741
BB 250
An ordinance approving a Redevelopment Plan for 300 South Broadway.
Jack Coatar 70717
BB 251
two-way stop site at the intersection of Alfred Street and Bingham Street
Carol Howard 70742
BB 252
2018 St. Louis Works and the 50/50 Sidewalk Programs City Wide
Jeffrey L Boyd 70743
BB 253
Talmage Chouteau Residential Parking District
Joseph D Roddy 70744
BB 254
Redevelopment plan for 1301 Union
Frank Williamson 70758
BB 255
Energy efficient heating
Jack Coatar
BB 256
Parking meter fund
Jeffrey L Boyd 70745
BB 257
Redevelopment plan for 3434 & 3436 Indiana
Dan Guenther 70749
BB 258
Gateway Land CID
Lisa Middlebrook
BB 259
Playground Smoking Ban
Tom Oldenburg
BB 260
Establishing a four-way stop at Pernod and Childress
Joseph Vaccaro
BB 261
Approv. amendment RPA2 City Foundry TIF
Joseph D Roddy 70750
BB 262
Authorizing agrmt for City Foundry TIF RPA
Joseph D Roddy 70759
BB 263
Cooperation Agrmt with Discovery Pier Land Holdings
Lisa Middlebrook
BB 264
Redevelopment plan for 3450 Wisconsin
Dan Guenther 70760
BB 265
Street name change to Pastor Bennie Lee Thompson
Marlene E Davis 70761
BB 266
Redev Plan for 215 York
Heather Navarro 70762
BB 267
honorary street name, Frankie Muse Freeman Boulevard,
Samuel L Moore 70763
BB 268
Twenty-First Ward Liquor Control District.
John Collins-Muhammad
BB 269
four-way stop site at the intersection of Iowa and Juniata
Dan Guenther 70764
BB 270
Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program for the City
Jeffrey L Boyd 70767
BB 271
honorary street name, Norman R. Seay Avenue
Marlene E Davis 70765

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