CMS Cheat Sheet

Quick reminders on how to do the basics. Meant for people who have already gone through training.

Here are some quick reminders on doing basic CMS tasks. Each reminder also has a link to a full tutorial if you need more information.

Logging In

  1. Click the "Login" button in the site's footer, under Site Navigation.
  2. Enter your full work email address, and your CMS password.

Full tutorial on logging in to CommonSpot

Creating Pages

  • New >> Page

Full tutorial on creating pages

Editing Pages

  • Go into edit mode: View >> Work on This Page (All Changes)

Page Name, Description, Keywords

  • Properties >> Standard 

Full tutorial on standard metadata

Page Topic, Audience, Display, etc

  • Properties >> Custom 

Full tutorial on custom metadata

Editing Elements

  1. Go into edit mode: View >> Work on This Page (All Changes)
  2. Click the element's edit button Element edit button.
  3. Click "text" if it's a text element, or else click "data."
  4. These icons indicate a change has been made and the element needs to be published:
    Element addition button Changed state -- Something was added to the element, not published yet.
    Element changed button Changed state -- Something was changed in the element, not published yet.
    Element deleted button Deleted state -- Element is set to be deleted, not published yet.
  5. Publish element or page by clicking on the status icon and select "submit" or "submit page".

Full tutorial on publishing changes

Posting News Items

  1. Create a page in your News folder, with a Content Type of "News & Announcements."
  2. Fill out the News Element.
  3. Submit the page to be published.

Full tutorial on news items

Uploading an Image

  1. Resize the image first.
  2. New >> Image
  3. Choose a folder for the image to be stored in and click "Upload single image"

Full tutorial on uploading images

Embedding an Image

  1. Insert an element >> Image Elements >> Single Image
  2. Define the Single Image element, choose your image.

Full tutorial on embedding images

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