YouTube Gallery Element

How to insert a YouTube video or gallery of videos in CommonSpot


This element lets you choose up to five YouTube videos to include in a gallery. The first video and its description shows up for playing by default, and the subsequent videos are listed below.

Each video gallery element must have its own page. Any time you make a change to the gallery, it will be done on this original gallery page.

The gallery can then be either linked to, or embedded on other pages.

Here are some examples of a YouTube gallery with three videos, embedded on this page.

Full Render Handler (Default)

The default render handler expands to fill the column width, includes the description for the current video, and subsequent videos in the gallery include titles and descriptions:

Full video gallery render handler

Medium Render Handler

The medium RH has a maximum width, and cuts down on the info provided for the main video and subsequent videos in the gallery:

Medium video gallery render handler

Small Render Handler

The small RH shows the thumbnail of the first video, the name of the gallery page, and links back to the full gallery page:

Comptroller Green Interview, Part 2

Creating a Video Gallery

Create a Page for This Video Gallery

Each Video Gallery must have its own page, much like Photo Galleries.

  1. Create a page for the gallery. We recommend putting it in your Media folder.

Create the Video Gallery

Insert the Video Gallery Element

Insert a Video Gallery element on your new page (located in the CIN element section).

Paste in Video URL(s)

Next, paste in at least one URL to a YouTube video. 

How to Get YouTube URLs

First, go to the YouTube video's page on, and click the "Share" button.

Youtube share button

Next, copy the URL presented to you.

Youtube share url

Submit The Video Element

Click "save" at the bottom of the page once you are done entering video URLs. 

If you're satisfied, publish the element.

Next Steps

Now that your gallery has been created, you can:

  1. Link to it from another page.
  2. Reuse the element on another page.
  3. Include it in a news article.

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