Editing Department Homepage Metadata (Properties)

How to edit a department homepage metadata (properties) to hide or display top requested pages, include a third column option, add a logo in the top right corner, add or hide a large promo photo and link option.


Mayor's homepage with third column and photo

Department home pages have more customization features (related to the website design updates of 12/21/2015). These features are controlled in the page's standard and custom metadata. They include:

  • Standard Metadata Category field
  • Custom Metadata New Organization Homepage tab
  • Show or hide new features
  • Display and customize a third column
  • Ddisplay a full-width promotion with a link

Step 1: Updating Standard and Custom Metadata for Department Group Home Pages

To edit a page's metadata go to Properties in the blue toolbar.  

Standard Metadata 

Standard Metadata Category is now 'Group Home Pages'

Standard Metadata Category Group Homepage

  1. Click on Standard metadata.
  2. Category is 'Group Home Pages', if  'Informational Pages'  change to 'Group Home Pages' 
  3. Make your desired changes, then click Save.

Custom Metadata Global Tab

CS7 Metadata - Global Tab
  1. Content Type is 'Group Home Page'
  2. Click Save

Custom Metadata Page Display Tab

Custom Metadata Page Display Tab Layout Department Homepage
  1. Layout is Department Home Page

Step 2: Custom Metadata Organization Homepage Tab

Organization homepage is a new tab. You can add a logo, show or hide features, add and customize a third column, include a large-width promo.
Custom Metadata Group Homepage Tab

Add Logo or Portrait

Uploading a logo or photo is optional

Custom Metadata Organization Homepage Tab Logo Option
  1. Image is square, good resolution, size 200 x 200 pixels
  2. Choose existing image or upload a new one.

Show Features

Custom Metadata Department Homepage Show Features

Shows 'Top Requested Pages', Department Contact, etc. 

  1. Contact web team staff to change

Third Column Content

Custom Metadata Organization Homepage Tab Third Column Options

  1. Choose options
  2. Nothing display two columns automatically
    1. Top Requested Pages
    2. Department Contact 
  3. Featured News Article
    1. Create the news article on its own page in your news folder first.
    2. Click gear. Use this to link to an existing News Page. DO NOT create a brand new news story from this point.
    3. To link to an existing news page, select Render Properties > One or More Records - Manually Selected (Content Reuse) 
    4. Search for the title of an existing news page
    5. Select, and click finish
  4. Twitter Feed 
    1. Click on gear 
    2. Complete twitter widget with embed script
    3. Click Save
  5. Get Started Buttons
    1. Click on gear > LinkBar element
    2. Add LinkBar item
    3. Enter the link text for the LinkBar item.   Click next
    4. On Link Action Tab find the page. Save.
    5. Return to gear > LinkBar element > select Choose Layout > select Large Buttons option
    6. Click Save 

Full-Width Promotion

Requires a high quality image, a good title and byline and a content page to link to.

Custom Metadata Organization Tab Full Width Promotion Option
  1. Click gear Large promo - no data element
  2. Complete element fields
  3. Enter Title
  4. Enter Short Description
  5. Select Promo photo and find or upload a new image
  6. Image is a high resolution photo between 1000 and 1200 pixels wide
  7. Select Link Location and find the page you want to link to the large promo image.

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