Managing Events and Meetings

How to edit and delete calendar events & meetings


This tutorial assumes you are familiar with the following:


Contributors are able to manage their events through Internal Applications. There is another page for managing public events, but your events will not show up there.

It is important to perform edits and deletions from Internal Applications and not on the event/meeting page itself. If you edit the event's page, the changes you make will not be reflected anywhere else on the site. Making the changes in Internal Applications will update everything, including the event's page.

Step 1: Go to the Administer Internal Events Page

  1. Once you've logged in, click on Internal Applications in the website footer.
  2. Click on Administer Internal Events.

Step 2: Find Your Event

By default, the page shows all internal events. At the top is a form you can use to filter the results shown below.

The results section is sorted by the event's start date.

Step 3: Manage Your Event

Once you find your event, click the Edit button to the right of the event title.

Deleting an Event

Contributors cannot delete events, only deactivate them. If you want to remove an event, there are two options:

  1. Edit the event, scroll down to the bottom of the form, and change the Status from Active to Inactive. This will prevent the event from appearing on any public pages, but the event will remain in the system.
  2. To fully delete an event, email the web team at, provide the event title and the event date. The web team can delete it for you.

Editing an Event

To change an event, click on the Edit link for that event. Change or add information on the form, using this list of explanations of the form fields for reference if necessary.

To apply your changes, click "Update Event."

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