How to add and manage documents on the website


Each document (or set of documents) uploaded to the City's website has an associated page, explaining the following:

  • Which department is responsible for the document.
  • When it was released.
  • What kind of document it is.
  • A summary of what people will get if they download the document.
  • Free tools for viewing the document, based on the document's type.

In the past, uploading documents was a three-step process. Users had to upload the document, create a page, then fill out the document element.

This took far too long, so we streamlined the process by combining everything in a single form. When you fill out a document form, the website does the uploads, page creation, and element creation for you.

Document Tutorials

Comptroller Audit Document
Comptroller Audit Document
Generic Documents
How to upload generic documents (all documents not having to do with procurement)
Procurement Documents
How to upload procurement documents (RFP, RFQ, RFI) to the website

File Names

Please remove special characters from your file names before you upload. 

Only letters and numbers should remain.

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