Editing Content in CommonSpot

How to edit content in CommonSpot


This tutorial assumes you already know the following:

  1. Logging in to CommonSpot

Step 1: Go Into Author Mode

  1. Log in to CommonSpot.
  2. Open the CommonSpot toolbars.
  3. Click on View in the dark blue tool bar.
  4. Select Work on this page (My Changes).
    Choose this menu item to author the page, viewing only your changes
  5. If someone else is currently in author mode for that page, you will see a box pop up saying that the page is locked by another user.
    1. If you are certain the other person is not currently editing the page, break their lock by pressing Ok. After breaking the lock, go back to step 2.
      1. Otherwise, press Cancel.

Step 2: Editing Content

Containers and Elements

  1. Once you are in author mode, you will see one or more gray boxes in the content area of the page labeled (container).
  2. Each of these containers can hold one or more elements. Elements make up the content of the page. Some examples of elements are:
    1. Text boxes
    2. Images
    3. Widgets
    4. Link
  3. To edit an existing element, click on the gray box in the upper left corner of the element, and choose an option.
    1. If the element is a text box, you might select Text to edit the text.
    2. Most other elements will have an option that says Data instead.

Editing a Text Element

Step 3: Publishing Your Changes

Submitting Changes to an Element

  1. Once your changes have been made, you'll see that the box in the left corner of the changed element has turned yellow and contains an arrow. This means that you have made a change, but it hasn't yet been published for the public view.
    1. At this point you could leave the page and come back to submit your changes later
  2. To publish your change so that the public can see it, click on that yellow box.
  3. You now have some choices. You can:
    1. Submit: Submits the changes for this element only.
    2. Submit Page: Submits any changes for all elements on the page at once.
    3. Discard: Removes your change and keeps the old version of this element.
    4. Compare: This lets you compare your new version with the old version. You can compare them side-by-side
  4. If you submit the page, a window will pop up with a few options. You can:
    1. Leave a comment about your changes. This might be helpful if you are collaborating with others.
    2. Reload page in read mode: After publishing your changes, the page switches to read mode so you can see it as the public does.
    3. Notify user community via What's New: If you think others might be interested in your changes, you can set a notice that will show up under "What's New."
    4. Check Spelling: Checks the spelling on all of the elements you are publishing.
  5. Press Ok to publish your changes. Once the page reloads, your changes will be live.

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