Organization Contact Element

How to fill out your organization's contact element.


This tutorial assumes you already know the following:

  1. Logging in to CommonSpot
  2. Creating a New Page
  3. Editing Content


Organization Contact elements are used to store and display department and organization contact information.

These elements can be re-used in many places, including the site directory.


Full Organization Contact render handler:

Full organization render handler

Step 1: Tag Your Department Homepage

  1. Set the Content Type to Group Home Page.
  2. Set the Layout (under the Page Display Tab) to Department Home Page.

Step 2: Fill Out the Organization Element

If there is no data in the element yet, click on the 'Click here to fill out the Organization element' link.
Organization element - define

If the element already has information, click the gear icon and then choose the 'edit data' option.

Organization contact element edit options


The element has three tabs of fields to use: Organization, Accessibility, and Social Media.

Organization contact element tabs

Organization Tab

This tab has fields for the department's general contact information:

  1. Name: Press 'Browse Taxonomy' and select your organization.
  2. Phone: Organization's main phone number like 3146223400 (no spaces, dashes, etc).
  3. Toll-Free Phone: Organization's toll-free phone number.
  4. Other Phone: If there is another phone number you would like to display, enter it here.
  5. Other Phone Label: If you have entered a number in the 'Other Phone' field, label the number here.
  6. Fax: Organization's main fax number.
  7. Contact Email: Organization's main contact email.
  8. Address 1: Organization's street & number.
  9. Address 2: Apartment, floor, suite, building number, etc.
  10. Contact City: City organization is in.
  11. Contact State: State organization is in.
  12. Contact Zip: Organization's zip code.
  13. Directions: If your organization might be hard to find, put some tips here.
  14. Hours of Operation: When are you open?
  15. External URL: If this organization has an external website, enter the full URL here (including http://).
  16. Logo: You can upload the organization's logo here. It should probably be no larger than 150px wide.

Accessibility Tab

  1. TTY Phone: Organizations TeleTypeWriter number.
  2. Public Meeting Accessibility Information: This message will automatically appear as accessibility information for all of this department's public meetings.

Social Media Tab

  1. Facebook URL: Full URL to their Facebook profile.
  2. Twitter URL: Full URL to their Twitter page.
  3. LinkedIn URL: Full URL to their LinkedIn profile.
  4. Nixle URL: Full URL to their Nixle profile.

Save Changes

Once you are finished with all tabs, click Save to save your changes. 

Step 3: Submit the Organization Element

  1. Check your content for accuracy.
  2. Submit the element.

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