Resolving Feedback

Making changes based on feedback, and improving your page scores.

Why Resolve Feedback?

We are in the business of helping our community, and resolving feedback makes our pages and information better. 

Each time you resolve feedback, your page scores go up. 

Positive Feedback

If the feedback is positive, great job! The person was able to find what they were looking for, and that's our goal.

Here's an example of how some positive feedback looks:

Feedback - positive comment example

Negative Feedback

If the person said that the page wasn't helpful, what then? 

Resolving Feedback

Ideally people will leave a constructive comment with their feedback, which allows you to go in and fix the issue right away. 

Things like "couldn't find a phone number" or "I wanted to see a schedule" are fairly easy fixes -- just add the appropriate phone number or schedule to the page (or link to them).

Once you fix an issue: 

  1. Click the 'resolved' button
  2. Make a quick note on how your fixed it 
  3. Click 'Mark as resolved'
Resolved feedback will disappear from that page's feedback report.

Feedback - negative comment (resolved)

Irrelevant Feedback

Every once in a while someone will leave a comment that just doesn't make sense, doesn't have enough information, or just isn't constructive. You can mark these as "Not Relevant" and move on.

Feedback - negative comment (not relevant)

Look for Patterns

If quite a few people are looking for something seemingly unrelated to the topic of your page:  

  • Could your page title be misleading to someone seeing it without context? 
  • Can you link to a page with the information people are looking for? 
  • If there isn't a page you can link to, can it be created? Who is in charge of that content?


We want our website to be easy to use and full of useful information. This helps both us and the public.

Improving our page scores by resolving negative feedback puts us well on our way of meeting that goal.

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