Online Calendar Overview

Different parts of the online calendar, and where your events will show up.


This tutorial assumes you are familiar with the following:

Internal and Community Events

Internal events/meetings are those entered by contributors employed by the City. They are not subject to a review process and are published to the calendar right away.

Community/public events are those submitted by the public, and must be approved by the Office of Special Events before they show up on the site.

Events and Public Meetings

The online calendar items on our site can be broken up into two broad categories: events and public meetings.


There are two event types:

  • Community Events: Parades, fairs, etc
  • Exhibitions: Used for long-running events, such as art exhibitions or special zoological visits, where participants may come at their leisure over an extended period of time.

Public Meetings

There are several types of public meetings:

  • Meeting: Used for meetings unless a more specific meeting type, such as an Aldermanic Meeting type, is provided.
  • Aldermanic General Meeting: General aldermanic meetings.
  • Aldermanic Committee Meeting: Scheduled aldermanic committee meetings.
  • Aldermanic Special Committee Meeting: Special aldermanic committee meetings.

Posting Special Notices (e.g. RFP Selection Committee Meetings)

Selection committee meetings are often part of the procurement process. In these meetings, members of the requesting department and other stakeholders discuss and make decisions about the RFP. These public meetings are subject to sunshine laws, so a calendar event and an agenda must be posted at least 24 hours before the meeting takes place.

  • Make the title of the event Selection Committee Meeting for [Name of RFP] [Date of Meeting]. You can shorten the name of the RFP a bit if it's very long.
  • The event sponsor is the department or division holding the meeting.
  • Post an agenda for the meeting using the Generic Documents tutorial.

Where Events Appear

Events and meetings show up in several places on the site.

Our Site's Home Page

On the city homepage are two sections: Community Events & Public meetings. The soonest four upcoming items in each category will show up here.

Our Site's Event Calendar Page

All upcoming events and meetings can be found on the Event Calendar page:

You can also search events by going to the Search Events page in the Event Calendar section.

Your Organization's Homepage

Each organization on the site has its own events section on its homepage.

Other Places

Depending on how you tag your events/meetings, they might show up in a number of places, including Neighborhood pages, Ward pages, and landing pages.

Up Next

Now that we've gone over the basics, here are some tutorials:

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