How to add and manage content on pages using elements

Elements are the building blocks for putting your content on a page. There are elements for presenting text, images, videos, and much more. 

The elements that you put on a page and where you place them will determine what the page looks like, and how people interact with it.

Take a look at the Element Overview tutorial first to get started with using elements.

In This Section

Cityworks PLL Submissions Element
How to use the Cityworks Permits, Licensing and Land (PLL) submission custom element and submit a PLL request.

Copying Elements
How to copy and paste CommonSpot elements

Deleting Elements
How to permanently remove an element from a page in CommonSpot.

Element Overview
Basic overview of CommonSpot elements

Element Render Handlers
How to change the look of elements using render handlers.

Inserting Elements
Inserting things like images, text blocks, videos, etc in CommonSpot

Moving Elements
How to move an element up and down within its container.

Publishing Elements
How to submit your elements to be seen by the public.

Reusing Elements
How to reuse an element's data on other pages.

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